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Forums for Marketing

( Related: How to build a successful forum ) Ever since the Webmaster Forums went online, many forum webmasters and site administrators have asked for advice on running a forum. My reply is usually just two words: “Quick Replies”. In this article, I’d like to discuss forum administration in more depth. I am by no means the leading authority on …

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How to Build a Successful Forum

In the V7N Webmaster Forums a staple question is, How do I build a successful and active forum?

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Copywriting to Sell

Definitions SEO copywriting is writing copy (text) with the specific purpose of ulitizing that copy to target specific search terms. Copywriting is writing copy with the specific purpose of impressing the prospect, creating brand awareness and ultimately affecting a sale. In this article we will focus on ad copywriting; see SEO Copywriting for tips on copywriting for search engine optimization.

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The Place of SEO in Internet Marketing

A year ago a client came to me. He had employed an SEO for approximately two years, and Internet sales were non-existent. He had top ranking on all the relevant keywords, and WebTrends held evidence of an impressive amount of traffic. “Why aren’t we moving the product?” he asked. I asked if he had ever considered retaining the services of …

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