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What SEO Isn’t

The Misconception It’s a common occurrence to see folks who are new to SEO speaking of search engine optimization as the end all, be all of Internet marketing. They will get together in SEO forums mocking those webmasters who don’t participate in SEO, calling them stupid webmasters and patting each other on the back.

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Prestige Pricing

The Effect of Price on Brand Value In Japan, a hair cut costs $70 and includes a scalp massage, a shave with a straightedge razor, nose hair trimming, pre-cut wash and post-cut wash. In America, many barber shops offer cuts for $7 to $10. No scalp massage; no nose hair trimming; no straightedge razor shave. A wash with the cut …

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Internet Marketing Q & A

Q. Why doesn’t my online drugstore rank for “viagra”, “levitra” or “cialis”? A. Because you’re a schmuck business adding absolutely no value to the world wide web and as such you have no quality linkage, and will continue to have no quality linkage. Google determines the value of a website based upon its linkage, and rightly so. The same goes …

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Lead, follow or get out of the way

I do not actively take Internet marketing consulting jobs, but I do some consulting for older clients and friends. This post is somewhat a response to a conversation I had with a friend today. One of the biggest problems I see is business owners being half-assed, non-committal pansies. If you’re an employee of some grossly profitable company, fine – you …

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Alternatives to SEO

Again with the anti-SEO When I first started on the Internet, I assumed that if I put a website up and offered a service of unique value the traffic would come. The build it and they will come mentality. Of course I soon learned how the error of my ways, and I asked around in webmaster forums. The answer presented …

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