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Microsoft Is Now A Media Company?

Microsoft, Google – they’re in the media business now. Which is also the reason why the newspapers are fighting back, although probably too little, too late. These powerhouses are pretty much unstoppable. Stole this one off Searchblog: “At Advertising Week 2006 in New York, Microsoft is set to unveil a new unified global advertising initiative.  Under Digital Advertising Solutions, advertisers will …

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How To Market To Geeks

I’ve always found that the geek sector responds well to non-marketing (which is really just marketing, but pretending not to be) and allowing room for the audience to make “their own” smart choice. Good article over at CreatingPassionateUsers about the do’s and don’ts of the geek market: Geeks hate being marketed to Truth: Geeks hate being insulted. If geeks hated …

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New Search Engine Stats Package (Free)

Enquisite have released a beta version of the stats service. This package is geared towards search referral and market trend analysis, and looks quite interesting. Best of all, it’s free (not sure how long that will last) Features include: Find out how well your current keywords and phrases work at converting traffic to your site. Discover where your best customers …

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Web Statistics Software Recommendations

I’m always curious about web stats software, mostly because I don’t think I’ve found my holy grail yet. Some packages do some things well, but I’ve yet to find a package that meets all my needs. Those packages that do have all the bells and whistles can often be difficult to use and setup. Ideally, I want a user friendly, …

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It’s Your Money In Her Purse, How Do You Get That Money Out?

It is socially acceptable to want to kill the competition. Women do not have this defect. There are no two worse people for start-ups than MBAs and Consultants. I will teach you everything you need to know about marketing in one slide. The slide consists of a 2×2 matrix filled with the words: Price, Stupid, DotCom and X. As a …

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