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The Internet Medium

It’s morning here. I often take walks in the middle of the night. I like to explore neighborhoods in the middle of the night. I found a park and tested the swing set. I also dropped by a convenience mart. There were magazines. Maybe 70 or 80 different publications. Comics (manga), mens fashion, womens fashion, cars, motorcycles and every other …

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Quality Referrals

Here at v7n we like to track everything. Numbers are awesome for analyzing and improving every aspect of business. Employee performance, lead generation, lead closing, repeat rates, etc. Numbers lets us know what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to the V7N Contextual program, there are some interesting facts in those numbers. Quality traffic is defined by those numbers. …

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The Art of the Refund

It seems to me that many – or perhaps most – online companies dread refunds. They fight refunds like they were the plague. They expend massive energies fighting refunds, and drawing up contracts and terms of service agreements that do not permit refunds.

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Defining Excellence

I’m in the office now. It’s past midnight here in Tokyo. The staff ( see pictures here ) have all long since gone home, and it’s affording me some peace and quiet so I figured I’d write a few blog posts. For the record, I did miss posting on blogs, and forums, but I was just swamped with other stuff. …

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Misplaced Faith

Watching YouTube bloopers is addictive. I like to watch a few and have a good laugh before going to bed each night. I noticed, most bloopers are due to misplaced faith. The kid who skateboards off the roof of his house, he has misplaced faith in his own abilities, or perhaps misplaced faith in the benevolence of gravity. Some people …

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