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Google Launch Web History

You’ll recall Google launched a search history feature back in February. Now they’re changed the service to Web History, which records sites you visit. That’s either a bit creepy, or really rather useful. Perhaps both. I guess it saves having to bookmark pages and it’s certainly interesting to see your personal web trends. Danny has a good overview. With enough …

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Froogle Too Far From Google

Apparently. Google have ditched “Froogle”, and gone for the somewhat less clever name “Google Product Search”. The reason for the change? “We were a really young company, and I don’t think we really understood the burden of a new brand,” said Marissa Mayer, vice president of search products and user experience at Google. “I also think it was very hard …

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The New Wave In Search

E-bay has bought StumbleUpon, the toolbar that helps you stumble across other sites users have recommended. The Wall Street Journal had this to say about StumbleUpon: “Next time you want to wander the Web, forget about Googling it. Stumble it“ I bring that quote up, because it describes a trend that’s been emerging in search for some time, and becoming …

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Remove Content From Google

Webmasters spend their time trying to get into Google, but there are times when webmasters want out. Google has released tools for doing just that. “As always, the answer begins: it depends on the type of content that you want to remove. Our webmaster help center provides detailed information about each situation. Once we recrawl that page, we’ll remove the …

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Eric Schmidt Interview #45,6789

This time, he’s at Web 2.0 ™ Expo. Interesting bits: “We don’t think its a competitor to Microsoft Office”. Uh huh. “Advertising is an art and a science. We can provide the science to the artists”. And Spamsense-ers. Advertisers are worried that, with DoubleClick, Google might have too much information about their business. “Viacom is using the suit as a …

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