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Marissa Mayer: “We Pay You $100 Grand”

100 grand is always nice. Marrissa explains how, and annouces some other stuff, at the Searchnomics Conference today.  “Google Gadget Ventures is a new Google pilot program dedicated to helping developers create richer, more useful Google Gadgets. Inspired by the success of iGoogle, which has been driven by the creation by 3rd-party developers of a broad range of gadgets, Gadget …

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Are Google Reader RSS Subscriptions Disappearing?

A glitch, perhaps. Anyone else?

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Search Is No Longer The Dominant Paradigm, says Yahoo!

Well, kinda. In this article, Yahoo suggest that “search is history”. “Yahoo!, one of the two names most synonymous with search on the internet, has surprised Silicon Valley by suggesting that the future of the web is not about search…The future of the web is about personalisation“ Google have obviously won the search engine war, helped in no small part …

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Want To See Which Sources Are Ranked Highest In Google News?

Check this out… “ This report fetches the headlines from Google news on a schedule. Only headlines on the home page are fetched. These results are then ranked by score. The score is determined by a combination of factors: appearance day and time, prominence on the google news page, number of appearances, and others, all weighted using a custom algorithm. …

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Google Trends Showing Daily…Trends

This is pretty cool. Google Trends is showing the top 100 search trends of the day. It only covers the US, for now. Provides a great insight into what people are looking for on any given day…. What’s “Google Smart Ass“?

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