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YouTube: Can They Pay Enough?

So, YouTube may be in talks with Google about a potential buy-out. The price? A rumoured 1.6 billion. Is 1.6 billion way too much? One commentator is concerned that it’s not nearly enough! “I’d even be willing to see the company pay $3 billion!“ YouTube would almost certainly be a good buy for Google, for various reasons, with the most …

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Google RS

What’s this, then? I nabbed a screenshot from a site that subsequently pulled it. These are almost certainly just mock-ups, although a Google universal office may end up looking something like this. Or something else entirely….

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Google Code Search: Hacking For Dummies

Google launch a Google Code search engine in Google Labs. Good for finding code. And hacking, probably. “Kottke points to some of the riskier parts of this nifty little search engine. Such as people putting their WordPress files in a ZIP or TAR file, including the wp-config.php file containing MySQL passwords for the site for instance. That’s probably not so …

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New Google Groups

They said it: “It may have been awhile since you thought of Groups as cool or sexy — if you ever did” Right. Those of us who have been on the web for some time remember Usenet. Great, though it was, it has long since been superseded in terms of features and, perhaps, utility by forums and blogs. Usenet-style groups …

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Google CEO Translation Service

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was recently interviewed by Time magazine. Valleywag provides a translation: “Eric:”Toward the beginning of the year, we recognized that we needed to get good at partnerships.” Translation: “Torward the beginning of the year, I was getting bored.” Eric: “We tried to pick partners that represented different initiatives that we wanted to work with for a long …

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Google To Offer Widgets To Webmasters

You know those widgets that you get with Google Desktop? Google are offering them for use on your webpages, too. The gadgets are here. “Start-ups like Widgetbox ( are pointing the way by offering a marketplace of different mini-applets for users to add to sites, while Ning (, a company begun by Netscape co-founder Marc Andreesen, offers a simple way …

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