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Text Link Ads Acquired

V7N sponsor, Text Link Ads, has been acquired by MediaWhiz, a New York based interactive agency. Congratulations, guys. Other snippets: Lee Oden interviews Adam Lasnik. Adam works on webmaster liaison with Matt Cutts. “for a more “insider” view of how we think at the Plex, I’d recommend participating in our Webmaster Help Group. Sprinkled frequently throughout the many threads you’ll …

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Eric Schmidt Quotes

There’s a big Web 2.0 Summit happening in San Francisco, aimed at showcasing the Web 2.0 universe, although they still appear to be having problems articulating a vision that makes the slightest bit of sense: “Web 2.0 is about harnessing the network effect, which gets better the more people use them…It could also be called user self-service. This is the …

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Australia To Ban Googlebot?

Australia is considering legislation that would open the way for copyright owners to take legal action against search engines for caching and archiving. Google are of the opinion that proposed changes to Australia’s copyright laws could drive the country back to “the pre-Internet era”. Like all good arguments, there is truth on both sides. True, it would be less likely …

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AdWords: Changes To Quality Page Scores

According to this post, Google are going to make two changes: “….incorporating landing page quality into the Quality Score for your contextually-targeted ads, using the same evaluation process as we do for search. Advertisers who may be providing a poor experience on their site will notice that their traffic across the content network decreases as a result of this change” …

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Want To Buy Some Print Ads?

Given the rise and rise of the online ad market in recent years, it is strange to think that there might be some opportunity going the other way. Even stranger to think that Google might be facilitating it. Not that strange, perhaps. “Google will announce today a tie-up with more than 50 newspapers, through which the internet giant will create …

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