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V7N Blog Challenge With A Twist

A week or so after our previous blog challenge, many of those participating (myself included) found out pretty quickly how much each of us really need someone to be accountable to in order to keep ourselves on track with posting to our blogs on a regular basis. Even with all the improvements we saw from our blog stats, and the …

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Your Picture On Blog Comments

A discussion started by David Jackson over on the V7N (Internet Marketing: Should You Use Your Picture?) got me to thinking about how often I see comments on blog posts that to not include a picture. For me, it seems to take some credibility away from the comment. More importantly, it can cause people to lose out on a good …

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Why Do You Blog?

There is absolutely no doubt that the benefits of blogging are virtually unlimited, but we all have days when we ask ourselves why we do it. This is likely to happen during moments when we have trouble coming up with blog topics. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that there really is a purpose to it all. So tell …

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The Lost Voice

Fookin’ Threadwatch is closing. That’s a shame. We need more edgy voices that aren’t beholden to advertisers. When the blogshere started, it was all edgy. Why? There was no money in it, so it might as well be fun. Actually, there’s still no money in it, unless a blog takes the shape of conventional old-media, or pimps something. Not that …

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80% Of Blogs Are Offensive

Only 80%? “The Internet’s blog sites have become overgrown with a variety of unpleasant content, including porn, offensive language, hate posting, and malware, a new threat analysis has suggested.“ People clearly aren’t trying hard enough. Surely we can push that figure a little higher. For example, I hate those shite (that’s an English spelling, BTW) sites that are “infested” with …

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