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Will I Ever Write Again?

What happens during those terrifying moments when you realize that you have absolutely nothing left to write about on your blog? Do you abandon everything and remind yourself that is exactly why you never wanted to start blogging to begin with? Do you panic? Or, are you one of those who sit there staring at the monitor praying that an …

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It’s Not About You!

  Business Blogging: It’s Not About You! One of the most common reasons small business owners give me for why they aren’t blogging (or, blogging more) is that they don’t have a clue what to write about. Are you kidding me? No matter what business you are in, there is ALWAYS something to write about. What it is that gets …

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Getting Savvy With the Blogosphere

Getting Savvy With the Blogosphere “A Meta Blogpost About Blogging” This article is written for the novice weblog author, however it does not contain the regular, generic tips about finding your niche and being yourself while writing posts. It is intended to further the reader’s knowledge about some of the many concepts he or she is bound to stumble upon …

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Enable Threaded Comments

Have you been wondering why some blogs make it possible for you to reply to a specific comment and other’s do not? It is set up this way on your blog? Why not? Below is a screen shot of what I mean. See the reply option to a specific comment? If you click that when responding to a comment on …

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You Just Talk

The first day of the V7N blogging challenge will soon be coming to a close. I am sitting here relaxed and drinking the absolute best coffee in the word. Do you know why I am relaxed and smiling, even though I did not even begin my 1st post of the challenge until just a few moments ago? It’s simple. I …

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