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Andrew Is Canadian

It’s true. I’ve met him 🙂 Andrew Goodman writes about how he is passionate about the facts, and less so about cheerleading. He also touches on the fact that it’s so easy to get misinterpreted, especially when you write on the web and are read by international audiences. “It’s come to my attention that some might misread the tone of …

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Owning A Pencil Doesn’t Make Someone Shakespeare

Nick n’ Kim riff on the question: “When is a Blog Not a Blog?” So I’ll join in. I think the blogging world can be divided into two camps. Those who have read the Cluetrain Manifesto, and those who have not. Or those who have an opinion, and those who do not. The last thing blogging is about is software. …

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How To Make Money From Blogs

While I think there is a lot of potential to make money directly from blogs, I think it is more likely people will make money because of blogs. They are a great way to market yourself, and can lead to consulting work, networking, employment opportunities, writing gigs (heh!), speaking invitations, and more. One of the more interesting things my blog …

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Blogs Are Crap

You’re aware of Sturgeon’s Law, yes? 90% of anything is crud, or as more often quoted “crap”. Are most blogs crap? According to Sturgeons law, yep. As are forums, websites, pages on the internet, and so on and so on. But I’m glad all those things exists. The “great 10%” is published somewhere. The trick is to be able to …

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Bloggification Of eBusiness

I notice a growing trend of folks using their blogs in lieu of a commercial site. One of the better blogs that falls into this category is Aaron Wall’s SEO Book. I really doubt he needs to advertise himself, but I do believe he receives quite a few inquiries through his blog.

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