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Why Do We Hate Mondays?

  Monday morning comes and we tend to drag ourselves out of bed while groaning about how much we hate Mondays and then what do we do? We immediately start counting down the days until Friday. We all do it, but why? Have we forgotten how very lucky we are? Maybe it is all about our perspective. Do we think …

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4 Reasons To Blog

  With so many people giving me reason (excuses) for why they don’t blog, I thought maybe it was time to post some reasons why small business owners absolutely, positively, without a doubt, should blog! More Exposure Every single time you post it turns into another chance for your business to be found on the Internet. This is especially true …

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Photo Composition Skills and Blogging

  Take at least 5 pictures (each week) which use the skills you have learned (or are learning) about photography composition. You can do each weekly challenge daily, or over a weekend if you prefer. Each week has a different composition to focus on Week One: Fill the Frame Week Two: Negative Space Week Three: Portraits Week Four: Lines You …

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Blogging All Summer Long Challenge

httpv:// Summer brings so many distractions that we tend to put blogging on the back burner. Before we know it summer is over and we realize we have blogged only a handful of times, if we bothered to blog at all. At that point it is like starting completely over again and takes more motivation than ever. Why not make …

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Which WordPress Plugins Do You Need?

  I am not a huge fan of 3rd party plugins for WordPress. Too many plugins can slow down your blog and increase the ways in which your blog can be exploited. These risks can be minimized by limiting the number of plugins you choose to use, and by only downloading them from trusted sources. That being said, there are a few …

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