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Paid Blogging Gigs

As some might know, I’m employed as a blogger by V7N. Previously, I wrote a blog called, which has been going since 2002, and covers (you guessed it) search engines. I’ve hit the pause button on that blog for the time being, as I also run a web business, and finding enough hours in the day can be tricky! …

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Will Your Domain Name Cost You $75,000 To Renew Next Year?

ICANN have got a five-year contract extension to continue managing the issuance of domain names until 2011. Some have objected to registration staying in US corporate hands, saying the system should be international, and neutral. A curious side note: some sites are reporting a possible loophole in the contract. It sounds ridiculous, but tiered pricing on domain names may well …

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Yahoo Kills Blog Search?

Are Yahoo! preparing to launch a blog search engine? Are they getting rid of blog entries from their news index? Is blog content rubbish? Are Yahoo taking a stand against blogs? Rumours are flying in the self-absorbed blogsphere about what, where, how, and why. The answer is most likely: “the Blogs beta had been “temporarily taken offline to retool the …

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SEO Soap Operatics

Amusing thread over at Threadwatch. Read the comments. In short, one blog referenced another, rather heavily, without linking to it. When this omission was pointed out, a link was subsequently added, but the link was no-followed. Is it all a set-up? Genuine? I have no idea. However, it does serve to illustrate an unwritten rule regarding blogging protocol. If people …

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Internet Tough Guy

Are you an internet tough guy? If not, no doubt you know of a few. “Usually male, the Internet Tough Guy talks big shit online, but IRL he’s a total fag or a basement-dweller or sometimes he is a teenager. Most internet toughguys are into computer programming, or, at the bare minimum, love videogaming. The typical Internet Tough Guy can …

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