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Netscape Getting Desperate?

Netscape’s Digg-inspired homepage hasn’t exactly been a hit, so Jason Calacanis is now offering to pay top diggers to post their stuff. To quote Nick Wilson: “As AOL’s Calacanis continues to Digg a grave for the noisome Netscape, the only real value is entertainment. Time to call this one a day i think Jason”. Apart from the wisdom-of-crowds nonsense, I …

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Cream Doesn’t Just Rise To The Top By Itself

More commentary on social networking. Marketing is still important, because content isn’t king. Or if it is, then it still needs a push before anyone will know it: “Cream doesn’t just rise to the top via social network legerdemain, it has to be pushed. It’s still all about sneezers and influencers and there’s nothing illegal or immoral about this, it’s …

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Web 2.0 Doesn’t Scale, Because People Are Idiots.

Interview with the owner of, Drew Curtis. He doesn’t mince words, especially when it comes to things he doesn’t much like: “The whole concept of Web 2.0 is great if you have a small dedicated group of loyal readers. The problem is it doesn’t scale because the vast majority of people are goddamn idiots…just watch, Web 3.0 will be …

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Is Google Anti-Social, And Will It Be Their Downfall?

Article about how social networking is sweeping the net, while Orkut isn’t. “In the last year, MySpace, which lets members include blogs on their personal pages, surpassed Google’s Blogger as the top social-networking site by Nielsen’s measure in the United States. In May 2006, Blogger had 20 million unique visitors, up 67 percent from May 2005. In contrast, MySpace drew …

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IP Delivery For Sploggers: How To Prevent People Hijacking Your Feeds

There is a great post over at detailing how to stop content thieves republishing your blog. Of all the sites in the world to steal, some idiot “repurposes” a hackers site. Result: the thief gets some content he certainly wasn’t expecting. Hilarity ensues. SEO blackhat also offers a simple IP delivery method. “you just need to add these 3 …

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Have You Got A Search/Webmaster/Money Makin’/Maketing Blog?

Have you got a online marketing-related blog? Got a post you made in the past that you thought was pretty cool, but it went un-noticed, unlinked and unloved? Please put the URL in the comments. We need to get some inter-blog debating going Or you could blog your answer to this question: “Search Engine Optimization is/is not dead because…”

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