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How To Write An SEO Blog In Ten Easy Steps

Research thoroughly, digging out little known sources, and raid the lesser known dark chasms of the deep web. Or just do what everyone else does and type “Google” into Google News and repeat what you find there. Decide what is important. After a few minutes spent failing to find anything important, write a link-baiting hack piece abusing either Google, Yahoo, …

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Top Ten Blogging Resources Of All Time!

Here’s my top ten all time greatest resources! In list form! Ok, they’re probably kinda useful for those new to blogging… You could certainly do a lot worse than starting here… Blog Software Comparison Chart – compare blog software features. Technorati – Find out who is saying what about whom today. Google Blog Search – does what is says on …

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Seduced By The Dark Side Of The Force

This is very funny. Queen Amidala: It is clear to me now that the Republic no longer functions. Aaron Pratt: It is clear to me now that the DMOZ Directory no longer functions. Someone called John Scott gets a mention….

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Blog Exploder (And Down With The Blogerati)

Technorati published this chart showing the explosion of blogging. GoogleBlogoscoped have provided an astute analysis of the same chart. Stuntdubl lists his five deadly sins of blogging: 5. Stealing other people’s ideas (without links) 4. Not having an about page 3. Not having a subscribe button 2. Not having a best posts page 1. Being a Wanker I think I’ve …

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Blogs Full Of Information, Difficult To Get At

Collective Intellect has a goal: Make bloggers work for The Man. But who is being paid? As Google has shown, there is much value in aggregation and sorting, less value in some forms of content production: “(Collective Intellect) has created a service that combs through thousands of blogs, news sites, chat rooms and other Web sites every day and then …

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