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Top Search Stories Of The Past Week, Ending 26 January 2007

Google’s strategy for YouTube and Google Video – Search for the world’s online video content, irrespective of where it may be hosted. Link Bait – the debate widens. And gets a little silly. Paid links – what is a paid link? What isn’t a paid link? The old debate reignites. All Wikipedia links go NoFollow – Wikipedia outbounds can’t be …

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Link FUD

There is a culture of fear, uncertainty and doubt, fed, in part, by Google’s vague and sometimes contradictory proclamations about the nature of links. If only citation was as pure as the driven snow, eh. But it isn’t. It isn’t pure in academic circles, and even less so on the web. Humans are messy. Nepotism, back-scratching (or should that be …

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Social Media Marketing Primer For SEOs

Search engines solve a problem. Finding relevant sites can be difficult. Search engines make that process easier. The problem with search engines is that they return a long list of sites. The searcher must then wade through sites in order to find the most relevant site. In theory, the most relevant site is #1, but as we all know, that …

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Google Updates Image Search

Curious. Image search no longer includes the URLs, or the image size, until you mouse-over the photos.

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Everyone Is Leaving

Where is everyone going? First, Nick leaves Performancing. Andy is leaving Text Link Ads & ReviewMe. Next thing you know, Danny Sullivan will leave SearchEngineWatch! As if…

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