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How Not To Get On Diggs Home Page

Digg can be interesting, and everybody likes gaining links without having to pay for them, but the downside is having thousands of teenagers descending on your site all at once. How can you avoid being Dugg? Here’s a good top ten ways not to get Dugg. Probably should have been a top 11, or 9, really. I can add a …

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Have DMOZ Taken Over Wikipedia?

DMOZ and Wikipedia share much in common – other than Wikipedia isn’t completely useless. Yet. Jason Calacanis: “Having spent seven days at the Wikimania and hacking days last year in Boston I’ve learned a lot about the insular culture of Wikipedia, how they make decisions, and how they block participation. Yes, you read that last part correctly. The Wikipedia is …

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Serious Flaw In Google Desktop

Now fixed. “Several flaws in the popular Google Desktop software could open PCs up to intruders and possible data theft, a security company has warned….It does not appear that anyone actually took advantage of the vulnerabilities and made attacks on Google Desktop users, both Watchfire and Google said…However, Google Desktop is still vulnerable to these cross-site scripting attacks, Allan said, …

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Around The Blogs

Top search stories of the past week. SEO on retainer will bite the dust. Astute observation, or PPC pitch? Probably both. Google black box may soon think for itself. Larry blue sky(net)ing again. StartUpping – cool advice for startups from Bloglines founder Three proven steps for getting on Diggs home page. Expect a flood of 12 year-olds a few seconds …

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Google Is The Environment

It’s obvious, but doesn’t get said much: Google is the platform. Not a platform, not a site, but THE web platform. Excellent observations by Rich Skrenta. “ Google has won both the online search and advertising markets. They hold a considerable technological lead, both with algorithms as well as their astonishing web-scale computing platform. Beyond this, however, network effects around …

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