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Future Search

Interesting article about the future of search, in particular: “Virginia Tech computer science professor Naren Ramakrishnan and his colleagues have developed a “creative discovery” search engine that also emphasizes the connections in data that a user might not know to ask about initially. Called “Storyteller,” it discovers connections between information that at first appear dissimilar — a sequence of events …

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Blog Overview, February 23, 2007

Google Algorithm Update spotted. Just like the old days. Removing pages from the web. New patent giving people the power to remove pages or even sites from web searches and browsing. Identity crisis. Michael Gray is a poor match for himself, but he is a great match for…erm…Matt Cutts. Google Reader clear leader in the market? Is attention data now …

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Google Take On Microsoft Office

Oh, they’re engaging in sophistry, but fooling no one. Google Apps “Grow Up” and the target is obvious. It’s almost like they just kinda stumbled on Gmail as a “cool idea”. Then another cool idea was to make a few company purchases. Then another cool idea was to, oh, build some complementary apps such as Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, …

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Cruise Ship In The Driveway

Not sure why anyone would want to do this, but hey… Spotted on Google Earth.

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Quick Overview Feb 22nd, 2007

People didn’t like the new interface, because it left out picture data. So the old Google Image format is back. New search blog at Search Engine Land focusing on small business. Small businesses now face a big job to get a big reputation in Google. Using blogs to boost the bottom line: “A lot of marketing people seem to be …

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