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Yahoo Widgets V.4 Released

Yahoo Widgets 4 is now available for download. What are Yahoo Widgets? Cute desktop programs that perform various functions, such as providing news,showing the time, stock information, etc. It used to be called Konfabulator. . . . . . . Features of the new version include: Widget Dock, to make organization easier. Automatic Widget updates Gallery widget offering 4300+ widgets …

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How Much Did Google Pay For YouTube, Again?

The envitable happened: “News Corp. and NBC Universal…are creating an online video site stocked with TV shows and movies, plus clips that users can modify and share with friends….” The media companies have the content, but the problem with challenging GooTube is that the media companies don’t have the audience on the web. However, they’ve pulled a fast one, and …

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Analysis Of Googles Privacy Policy Announcement

A good overview of Google’s recent privacy policy announcement. In short:  “Google’s adjustment was that instead of retaining user search data for “as long as it is useful,” now the company will keep the information for at least 18 months and no longer than 24 months. For ordinary Internet users, the most useful information out of last week’s discussion was …

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Web 2.0 Faces Reality

A report from Forrester Research states the bleeding obvious: the enterprise aren’t interested in bleeding edge technology from start-ups. They never have been. The enterprise is interested in longevity, mitigating risk, integration with legacy systems, and having someone to sue if all goes belly up. “CIOs prefer buying a suite solution from larger, incumbent vendors rather than best of breed …

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Daily Search Blog Roundup, March 22, 2007

Google picks up more market share in February. Google 48.1, Yahoo 28.1, and MSN 10.5. In related news, MS are reportedly paying people to use Live. Yahoo “very happy” with new ad system. “We are very excited and very happy and smiling broadly”. Clearly something in the kool aid at Yahoo. Who, really, is the world’s most famous blogger? No …

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