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Are Directories Worthwhile?

Rand gives his views on link building using directories. He’s hedging a little, but I think it’s fair to say, he’s not a big fan. He also appears to me to be suggesting people only defend directories because they have a vested interest. Heh. That might be me I disagree with the article, mostly because of the criteria used for …

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How To Move A Website: 301 Redirect

This question comes up time and again. How do I move a website to a new URL and not lose search rankings? Aaron has the answer, and some great tips for moving a big site. “The best way to permanently move a site is to 301 redirect it. If you have a small site you will likely see few small …

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Link Building Via Blog Comments

Loren has a really good article on blog commenting as a means to build reputation and inbound links, even if those links are no-followed. “By taking the time to comment on blogs, even one or two comments per day can lead to extremely positive results such as reputation building, expert positioning, and the building of inbound links, even if said …

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Threadwatch More Popular Than Mahalo

Here is an interesting Alexa graph. The green line near the bottom is, a site that is officially closed, however it receives more traffic than, represented by the blue line, which appears to have taken a nose-dive into the baseline. The red line at the top is DMOZ. To be fair, Mahalo has only just left the starting …

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Google Will Crumble?

Article in Forbes entitled: “If Trust Is Lost, Google Will Crumble“. The article reasons that Google’s business model is built on trust. If users’ perception of the company changes, its business perspectives and profits will come under threat. “Google’s rise owes much to its engineering prowess (the capacity of its PageRank algorithm to deliver the pages users want), but also …

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Yahoo Smart Ads

Yahoo has just launched a service called Smart Ads. Smart Ads is an ad unit that uses behavioral, demographic and geographic targeting capabilities to create ads from submitted elements based on the user. “For example, if a user is browsing for hybrid cars in Yahoo! Autos and has selected San Francisco as their default location in Yahoo! Weather, Yahoo!’s SmartAds …

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