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One Google Aquisition That Didn’t Go So Well

Remember Dodgeball? Dodgeball is mobile social software. Google acquired Dodgeball back in 2005. However, it appears that things didn’t go too well, as far as the founders are concerned, as they have recently left Google. They claim it was due to frustration, as Google didn’t appear to be doing much with the service: “In a post on photo-sharing site Flickr, …

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SEO Will End Soon

Linkbait if I ever saw it, but what the hey: “SEO folks are going wild–as expected. 90% of SEO (yes, I made that % up) is going to end soon as a practice because Google/Yahoo/MSN and the other search engines are going to need to eliminate it in order to maintain the integrity of their indexes. This is just the …

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When You’re Done Working For Google, Then What?

Interesting dilemma. When you’ve had enough of working for Google, where do you go? What happens when you are at the top of the search  career ladder? Amusing: “I asked a friend who recently joined Google where any of her exiting colleagues had gone. “I thought they went to the desert island they just purchased when they cashed out their …

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Google Buys DoubleClick For…A Lot

Google buys DoubleClick, the ad-serving company, for $3.1 billion dollars. “The most compelling argument (for the deal) is it is accelerating our display advertising business,” Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt said“ This purchase, if it goes through, means that Google would account for 80 percent of the ads served up on the Internet, according to this source. Yahoo, Microsoft, and …

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Links May Or May Not Be Evil

In the ongoing battle against the forces of evil, and anything that may disrupt Google’s profit potential, Matt Cutts appears to be in wind-up mode: “One thing I heard at SES London was that people wanted a way to report paid links specifically. I’d like to get a few paid link reports anyway because I’m excited about trying some ideas …

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