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Hosted Services: Are Google Set To Win This One Already?

The theory of hosted services has barely got out of the box and in looks like Google are going to make a serious play in this area. Garett Rodgers has found a few newish domains relating to Google services, and mentions the hosted communications beta test Google are running. “This special beta test lets you give Gmail, Google’s webmail service, …

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How To Measure The Importance Of A Site

It’s pretty tricky, and Matt Cutts has an excellent post that could be summarized thus: “lies, damn lies, and statistics”. I’m not sure if this is a subtle reminder about the vagaries of toolbar PageRank, but he raises some good points about how to measure importance: “To be completely sure in a metric, you need to know the raw incoming …

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Yahoo Publisher: They Don’t Like Pictures Much

I’m loathe to write about Yahoo! Publisher because…well….quite frankly they don’t want me! That’s not strictly correct. They don’t want publishers who are aliens. And I am one. But I did get an invite. Which I can’t use. So that just annoys me even more… I digress. Anyway, for those who are participant, Yahoo have published a reminder of the …

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Google: Even Bigger Than The Real Thing

Remember back when it was fashionable to knock dot.coms? The stockmarket had crashed, tech shares got wiped clean off the map, and all the old-school businesses laughed long and loud: “we told you so”! I think the world, well Google, actually, gets the last laugh. “(Google) now outranks old media stalwarts such as Sony, MTV and Reuters in terms …

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Do You Know How Many Tags The Average Web Page Uses?

For those stats completists out there, Google have published a study that shows which tags are most popular in HTML mark-up. Go on, you always wanted to know 😉 “a sample of slightly over a billion documents, extracting information about popular class names, elements, attributes, and related metadata” How many different element types does an average Web page use? Nineteen, …

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