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Google’s Fortress Of Evil

One can almost imagine a portly character stroking a white cat. Google are building a “secret” monolithic datacenter on the desolate, windswept banks of the Columbia River. Small isn’t a word you’d use to describe it. It is big. Very big. As big as two football fields, with twin ominous cooling plants protruding four stories into the dark sky. Cue …

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Blog Posting Frequency: Less Is More? Flight To “Quality”?

Here’s a top ten list on why frequent blog posting doesn’t matter. “Daily posts are a legacy of a Web 1.0 mindset and early Web 2.0 days (meaning 12 months ago!). The pressure around posting frequency will ultimately become a significant barrier to the maturity of blogging“ There’s a lot to be said for that view, especially in regards to …

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Bill Doesn’t Live By The Sea

My good friend Bill Slawski, a man who will go where few other SEOs dare (deep into the world of patents and research papers), has been interviewed over at SEOBuzzbox. Bill raises a good point, one I’ve often banged on about, and that is that a link is not a vote. Google have chosen to characterise links as votes, presumably …

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SEO Approaches For Yahoo, MSN & Google

Aaron has an excellent, long post about the differences between search engines. Well worth reading the entire thing, however I’ll pick out the bits that translate directly into technique. Yahoo & MSN like links. They don’t appear to be too fussy about their quality, compared to Google MSN likes on-page factors (expect that to change, though) MSN likes recent links …

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XSS Redirects & SEO

There’s some “handy” (depending on the darkness of your hat) tricks starting to filter out into the mainstream. Here’s a couple, on a similar theme: XSS and Redirection Attacks Moveable Type Backlink Exploit Why bring ‘em up? Well, they’re out there, arent they. Secondly, they help emphasise how ridiculous the nofollow (read: nosolution) “strategy” has been. Did they talk to …

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Too Much Search News Noise

I accept there’s a certain irony in what I’m about to say: Search news noise – there’s far too much of it. Each day, there is an avalanche of search-related news, views, gossip, opinion, blog posts, forum posts, and press releases. There are still only 24 hours in a day. There is no way anyone can read all of it, …

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