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Netscape Getting Desperate?

Netscape’s Digg-inspired homepage hasn’t exactly been a hit, so Jason Calacanis is now offering to pay top diggers to post their stuff. To quote Nick Wilson: “As AOL’s Calacanis continues to Digg a grave for the noisome Netscape, the only real value is entertainment. Time to call this one a day i think Jason”. Apart from the wisdom-of-crowds nonsense, I …

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Shoemoney PPC Part Two Podcast – Getting Into PPC For Affiliate Arbitrage

Webmaster Radio has published part two of Shoemoney’s excellent PPC radio show. Part One can be found on that page, too. One of the things that annoys me about podcasts, and obviously this isn’t anyones fault – it’s the nature of the medium – is that you can’t quickly scan through them and decide if the content is relevant to …

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Google To Release A Search Engine For The Blind

The search engines will return pages that work best with text-to-speech translation software. Nice move. ” prioritizes the list of search results based on how simple the Web page layouts are, said T.V. Raman, research scientist in charge of the service. For example, a user searching for “weather” will find pages with a lot of other content on them. To …

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New Yahoo HomePage

Yahoo has officially launched its new homepage. It’s all sleek, ajax-y, and looks pretty good. From the press release: “The new Yahoo! home page design was first previewed at on May 16, 2006, and new localized versions are now available in Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, UK & Ireland, …

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Click Fraud: Google Clarify “Let It Happen”

Google have replied to a ZDNet article, published last week, which quoted Eric Schmidt on the subject of click-fraud. Needless to say, Google say the article was “misleading”, as the quotes were taken out of context. “Eric made clear from the very beginning that he wasn’t describing our approach to click fraud and was answering hypothetically. He introduced his answer …

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Toolbars: Billion Dollar Revenue Stream

It’s easy to overlook toolbars. However, toolbars can be insanely profitable. It is estimated that some  companies are earning well over $20.00 per toolbar user, per year. Interesting post over at The Paradigm Shift looks at the companies making money out of toolbars, including Google, Ask Jeeves, FunWebProducts, and the effect of Windows Vista on this market. “Ever wonder how …

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