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“SEO Doesn’t Suck” Shocker

Heh heh. Great link bait from Tropical SEO. “Why the Rest of the World Should Love SEOs“. “Now, I hear some white hat SEOs whining: but it wasn’t us! It was our black hat SEO cousins! To that I say: bugger off. Yes, we come in different shades and colors and types, but none of us wants to rank ‘correctly’, …

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Social Media Jumps Shark, Collides With Bubble

This is just silly. I can’t figure out if it’s a joke or not. Truemors is a new social media site from Guy Kawasaki. Anybody can post anything they like – on the front page. I can hear a thousand blog-spam scripts firing up right now. Truerumours have added no-follow links, as if that’s going to stop anything. Honest – …

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Major Google Changes

Google updated their search engine today. They key points: Google introduce Universal Search, integrating news, images, videos, books and local results into the main  results: “Google’s vision for universal search is to ultimately search across all its content sources, compare and rank all the information in real time, and deliver a single, integrated set of search results that offers users …

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Social Media Jumps The Shark As A Marketing Strategy

Cool quote: “Now that everyone and their grandmother’s smoking buddies are trying to spam Digg, Reddit, and Netscape into oblivion, I think the opportunity to use that as a reliable factory of linkbuilding has jumped the shark“ And another… “Back to the masses of chainsmoking grandmothers and why you should jump off that bandwagon immediately. If you are trying to …

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Google Analytics Reviews

If you’re a Google Analytics user, you’ll know that the interface has been updated. It’s now more Googley. I’m not going to go into depth reviewing it – I’m sure everyone will find out if they like it or not themselves. My impression, after a few days using it, is – I really like what they’ve done with it. I …

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