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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Website Community

Well, in addition to all the points covered in the Forum Management forum in the topic Do’s and Don’ts, I’m going to add another 5 points that you’ll need to keep in mind while in the process of building a website community. First, and this could very well stands as one of the most important things for any solid community, …

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Design, Development and Marketing Ideas

Every online site has gone through, or will eventually go through three main phases; Design, Development and Marketing. It’s imperative that you study these phases in order to understand what makes or breaks a site and how to avoid common mistakes many webmasters fall victim to. To better help you visualize parts of these phases we’re going to take a …

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Brandstack the Silent Killer

Why Brandstack is the real silent killer. Why is the real silent killer, why is it worse than most of the crowdsourcing sites designers complain with and why it is the real evil Spec Watch should check out, and why it needs to be muted once and for all? I’m not a fan, but instead of bashing them, which …

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Is Spec Work Evil?

Is Spec Work Evil? An Exclusive Interview with crowdSPRING With all that’s going on in the design industry these days, whether it be individuals undervaluing their own work or effecting other freelancers and how potential clients approach them, or designers caught stealing other peoples work and passing it off as their own, to showcase or sell, it’s no surprise that …

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