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11 Non-Spammy Ways to Build Lists

Building an opt in list can seem like a daunting task, but you’d be surprised how well a few simple tricks can work. Make it easy 1. Make it easy to subscribe. Don’t make people give you their life history by requiring lots of information. Just get an email address. You can send out a survey later to segment your …

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Balancing Work and Pleasure Online

Balancing Work and Pleasure Online In the early days of the internet, I balanced work and pleasure by chatting a couple of hours a day on IRC and reading books in the rest of my free time. It was a great balance between learning and socializing. But I was in school then, and the internet was a lot simpler. Nowadays, …

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SEO Is Not Enough

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons It’s always been clear that SEO is not enough. No matter how highly you rank for your target keywords, if people don’t do what you want them to do (i.e. buy something, join your mailing list, or share a link) then your site has failed. With Google’s recent Farmer update, it’s become especially clear that SEO …

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Tools You Haven’t Heard About

Elaine Shannon Most of us who design websites know about Google’s most popular tools: Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and the Adwords Keyword Tool. Here are some other really cool Google tools you probably haven’t heard about: Keyword tool: Wonder wheel Google Wonder wheel is a visual tool to help brainstorm keywords. To use the tool, do a regular Google search. …

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Don’t Go Social Without a Plan

Elaine Shannon Most businesses think they need a Twitter account, a blog, and a page on every social networking site out there. But why? What can your business accomplish with a Tweetstream? Is anyone actually going to visit a MySpace page? Will customers flock to your blog and then come spend money at your store? Their needs Just like everything …

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