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Sweating The Small Stuff

  It wasn’t a good morning. It seemed like every direction I turned I ran into another roadblock. My frustration level was at an all-time high. I spilled coffee down the front of me, the neighbor’s bass was pounding in my head, my Internet connection was burping, and the batteries for the mouse died with a few thousand emails yet to …

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Photo Composition Skills and Blogging

  Take at least 5 pictures (each week) which use the skills you have learned (or are learning) about photography composition. You can do each weekly challenge daily, or over a weekend if you prefer. Each week has a different composition to focus on Week One: Fill the Frame Week Two: Negative Space Week Three: Portraits Week Four: Lines You …

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SEO Package Giveaway

  Once your site is up and running, it takes all of about 5 minutes to discover that the “build it and they will come” theory is a fantasy. No matter how good your content is, you are going to have to spend some time focused on link building so that you can get your content in front of enough …

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First We Must Stop Digging

  So we dug ourselves a nice deep hole that we can’t seem to find our way out of and now we’re looking for advice. Is that about right? The universal advice seems to be that FIRST we must stop digging. DUH? It sounds simple enough doesn’t it? The problem with that advice is that we are still left down in …

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Why Are We So Tired?

  For the last few weeks I have been watching and truly LISTENING to people. I’ve noticed something that I initially blamed on the heat wave. I was wrong. People are tired, and I don’t just mean physically. I see moms in the park watching their children play, but they look like they would rather be anywhere but there. They …

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Blogging All Summer Long Challenge

httpv:// Summer brings so many distractions that we tend to put blogging on the back burner. Before we know it summer is over and we realize we have blogged only a handful of times, if we bothered to blog at all. At that point it is like starting completely over again and takes more motivation than ever. Why not make …

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