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Losing Sight of the Big Picture

When starting a website one can easily become overwhelmed with all the options available for it’s creation, promoting it and improving sales. Concentrating on (or obsessing about) just one aspect of the website or website promotion can lead to you losing sight of the big picture of how all the pieces fit together. As you start researching what is required …

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Search Engine Friendly Flash

With the recent new releases by Google and Yahoo concerning advances in crawling flash, we are very pleased to share this timely and very informative article by V7N SEO Blog guest author S. Emerson of Accrete Web Solutions. The web design and search engine optimization communities are a buzz in the last few days with an announcement that hit the …

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Industry Specific Buzzwords

Take a long hard look at your site. How often do you use words that only someone very familiar with your industry would understand? If your readers cannot easily understand what you are saying, they will leave your site rapidly. When we use jargon or industry specific buzzwords without explaining their meaning, we can lose a huge number of potential …

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Does Google PageRank Matter?

I find it difficult to understand how topics involving the importance of Google PageRank continue to be an ongoing debate in forums. Interestingly enough, often those people claiming that PR has nothing to do with how Google determines the placement of sites in search results, are those people with low PR sites. Google PageRank is certainly not the only factor …

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10 Ways to Prevent Increasing Links

Don’t bother adding comments to popular blogs. It’s a waste of your time. You are about as likely to write anything interesting enough to drive a reader to your website as I am likely to shoot an Ansel Adams’esque windswept landscape, blindfolded. Of course… They just might like what they see, and tell others about you. *gasp! You can’t risk …

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