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Which WordPress Plugins Do You Need?

  I am not a huge fan of 3rd party plugins for WordPress. Too many plugins can slow down your blog and increase the ways in which your blog can be exploited. These risks can be minimized by limiting the number of plugins you choose to use, and by only downloading them from trusted sources. That being said, there are a few …

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Will I Ever Write Again?

What happens during those terrifying moments when you realize that you have absolutely nothing left to write about on your blog? Do you abandon everything and remind yourself that is exactly why you never wanted to start blogging to begin with? Do you panic? Or, are you one of those who sit there staring at the monitor praying that an …

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Take The First Step

If you make your living online you already know how important it is to be continually learning, but if you are anything like me, you come up with a million reasons to put it off for another time. That time never comes… Not Enough Money Right Now? There have never been more free online resources than there are right now. …

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V7N Server Sync Up Contest

V7N Server Sync Up Contest Sponsored by May 1, 2011 – May 31, 2011 1st Prize – Your Choice Of: 6 Months Free Dedicated Server with ServerClub ($1,260 value) or $500 CASH! 2nd Prize – $250 CASH! 3rd Prize – $100 CASH! Prizes will be awarded via a random drawing held on June 3, 2011. We will also draw an additional …

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You Are Not Alone

We all have had times, if only for a moment, when we think about giving up on our business – times when we are certain that we are completely alone, and no one else has felt the way we are feeling. I would like to let you in on a little secret. It isn’t true. You are not alone! Most, …

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