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Quality Referrals

Here at v7n we like to track everything. Numbers are awesome for analyzing and improving every aspect of business. Employee performance, lead generation, lead closing, repeat rates, etc. Numbers lets us know what works and what doesn’t. When it comes to the V7N Contextual program, there are some interesting facts in those numbers. Quality traffic is defined by those numbers. …

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Seven Questions For ExcellentGuide

Folks often complain about the number of new directories on the Internet. For some reason, it is thought to be a bad thing. Some web directories are indeed worthless, but not most. The more web directories, the better, is my way of thinking. Anyhow, with all the new directories popping up, I figure t might be enlightening to take a …

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On Selling SEO Consulting

A lot of SEO companies seem to have a very clearly defined, five step marketing strategy. 1. Sign the client, even if it means over-promising 2. Get the client to sign a non-disclosure agreement 3. Keep the client in the dark 4. Show the client all his #1 rankings for non-competitive search terms 5. Call it a day Not that …

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John Scott on Link Building

Back in 2001 ~ 2002 and thereabouts link building was simple. If you wanted to rank for widgets, all you had to do was spam some guestbooks with links pointing to your web page with widgets as the anchor text. Seriously, rankings were easier to pick than apples from a tree.

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Links, Guilt and Matt Cutts

Ever since Matt Cutts ostensibly went on the war path against paid links, I seem to have the same conversation on a daily basis, about paid links.

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The Art of the Refund

It seems to me that many – or perhaps most – online companies dread refunds. They fight refunds like they were the plague. They expend massive energies fighting refunds, and drawing up contracts and terms of service agreements that do not permit refunds.

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