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Comments Closed

Comments have been turned off on this blog. The decision to turn off comments was not reached lightly. We’ve had some quality commenting by some quality people on this this blog. But for the most part, the commenting has happened on the forums. And it becomes troublesome to have two discussions based on off one blog post running in two …

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Comprehensive vs Selective

Today I spend a good part of the day editing and approving submissions to our new directory. So good stuff came through, and I’m happy to populate the categories with quality sites. Most of the submissions today were blogs. Well, when I wasn’t approving blogs, I was searching for other quality sites to add to other categories. One way of …

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New Technology Blog

Just dropping a quick note here to let you blog readers know about a new blog. V7N Technology Blog It’s a community blog. I won’t be blogging there, but several V7N Community members are blogging there and I’ve been impressed with the quality so far. If you’re into technology, gadgets, gaming, etc – check it out.

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Adsense is Evil

How Google’s Adsense is killing content and ruining the Internet. In The Beginning When Google Adsense first came out many webmasters were thrilled, and rightly so. The per-click pay out was respectable, and the ads were relevant to the content of the pages. One forum we operate ran Adsense when Adsense had first come out, and the monthly income was …

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Textbook SEO Dead?

Is textbook SEO dead? Some of the best minds in SEO posting there, so forgive the long-winded posts.

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