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The Failure of DMOZ

I recently started a poll on the V7 Network Forums entitled, Do You Trust DMOZ?

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Lead, follow or get out of the way

I do not actively take Internet marketing consulting jobs, but I do some consulting for older clients and friends. This post is somewhat a response to a conversation I had with a friend today. One of the biggest problems I see is business owners being half-assed, non-committal pansies. If you’re an employee of some grossly profitable company, fine – you …

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Internal Link Architecture

Link Weight In order to understand the ideal internal linking strategy, we must consider the concept of Link Weight. The Importance of Link Weight As we demonstrated in the article entitled Anchor Text & Inbound Links, on-page elements often have no sway over your search engine ranking. In fact, I often find myself quoting explaining thus: The simple fact is …

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Semantics of SEO

Warning :: This is a Useless Rant Every now and then the topic of defining SEO comes up. Many an SEO will tell you that SEO encompases the entire spectrum of Internet marketing. PPC management, organic SEO, link building, brand management, naming, public relations, publicity and redefining business models – supposedly this is all the job of the SEO.

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Alternatives to SEO

Again with the anti-SEO When I first started on the Internet, I assumed that if I put a website up and offered a service of unique value the traffic would come. The build it and they will come mentality. Of course I soon learned how the error of my ways, and I asked around in webmaster forums. The answer presented …

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SEO Copywriting

An SEO copywriting tutorial by John Scott The Place of Copy in SEO SEO copywriting, as detailed here, is page-elements SEO. In short, we will speak briefly about page titles, H1 and H2 tags, bold text, italicized text, keyword density and keyword prominence. The only aspect of page-elements SEO which we will not discuss in this article is Internal Link …

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