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On the Importance of Communication

For the most part, I’m not inclined to explain myself. If I do something, I know why I did it and if others can’t understand, or if they misunderstand me, I tend to think of that as their problem, not mine. In the past, this attitude has gotten me in trouble. In business and marketing, it can really get you …

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What Determines Link Juice

Whatever determines link juice, it sure as hell ain’t PageRank. This comes as no new news to most SEO’s, but the myth of PageRank being the dominant factor in link juice is still quite popular amongst the forum posting crowd. We here at v7n place a lot of links. (Matt doesn’t read this, does he?) Our Contextual Links Program has …

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SEO and Web Hosting

A month or so ago HostGator bought some banner advertising on the v7n forums. Not for, but for their SEO hosting division, aptly named A few people have asked, what does SEO have to do with hosting? We’ve known for several years now that Google has a patent which filters and devalues inter-IP links. Quoting Google’s patent: Re-ranking …

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The Purple Cow, by Seth Godin

This is a story of a young girl who recently moved to Paris, where she discovers her budding sexuality… Oops, sorry, wrong book. Most folks reading this blog have most likely already read Seth Godin’s Purple Cow (aff link). Aaron Wall first recommended it to me, years ago, and since then pretty much everybody in this industry has recommended it …

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The Future of the Internet

The Internet is coming into its own as a location. Many, many people spend more time exploring, shopping and being entertained on the Internet than they do in their geographic locations.

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