Why Every Recent Grad Needs A Website

Web Page

Whether you are about to finish college or recently graduated, you definitely could use a website!

Nearly every career and industry has an online presence. As you venture forth to become a professional, you should create an online identity for yourself and your career – your “brand”, if you will. As college drifts into the background, become “Internet Official” with a personal domain name to leverage as you grow and gain experience as a professional. A .com or .net domain can help show your work over the years, your vetted experience in a certain field, and why future employers should take a chance on you.

Plus, the web is all about getting the latest news and getting it fast. Besides your portfolio, with a .com or .net domain, you can update your resume, share new projects, and any news you want potential employers to know.

With a popular, reliable and trusted domain, you can create a core presence that will help you stand out from the crowd. Anyone who hasn’t gotten on the “Internet Official” train will be in your job-seeking dust!

Your talents, accomplishments and future business endeavors don’t need to sit waiting on a paper resume. Thanks to a .com or .net domain name powered by Verisign, you have a great resource to get started with a trusted web presence.

*Here’s a tip: When sending your resume, put the link to your .com or .net domain below your name and invite the potential employer to check it out. Also include relevant social media and other sites where your work has appeared, if applicable. This shows your employer that you are confident in your work and happy to show it!

Learn more about becoming Internet Official here: www.domainspoweredbyVerisign.com/InternetOfficial!

  1. Chi OmegaChi Omega10-25-2014

    Online business is getting much more powerful. A blog or a website is one way to present yourself to the audience.

  2. Keri RiceKeri Rice11-03-2014

    Simple answer to that question is that nowadays, people just can’t get off the internet! The computer, phones and other gadgets are widely revolving in people’s lives and you sure have a huge advantage if you are visible online. It gives potential employers get a sense of who you are.

  3. Colin SteadColin Stead11-07-2014

    I think anything more than a Linkedin page is self serving! An emailed CV will do just fine unless I’m looking for a web designer

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