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My real name is Kathy, but my friends have called me Katt as long as I can remember. The extra “t” was added in the pre-internet days when joining a BBS and the username Kat was taken, and I’ve kept it ever since.

Yeah, I just gave away my advanced age – oh well!

I’ve always been an active member of one online community or another. First, it was bulletin board systems, then came the real internet – wow! I was in love. BBSs were mostly local people, but on the internet I started talking to people around the world and it was so exciting! I became friends with people in various states around the country, and even had friends in the UK, France, and Australia. I’ve lost touch with most of those early friends now, through moving and changing services, but I’ll never forget them, and who knows, maybe I will run into them again. I firmly believe that on the internet, anything is possible.

I have been the Marketing & IT Manager for a small national equipment company for over ten years. I even manage the network, which is sometimes a real challenge for me (networking makes my head hurt) but I always manage to make it work somehow – sometimes I think it’s just dumb luck. The bulk of my duties involve managing multiple websites, managing multiple PPC accounts, tracking leads/ROI from all our marketing efforts, and creating printed materials such as product brochures and magazine ads.

My real passion is creating things that fill a need or solve a problem – whether it be creating a new website or writing a script that makes life easier for our employees or our customers.

I also have a deep love for music. I was raised in a musical family, took classical piano lessons as a child, played trombone in the school band, then joined my first rock band in my early 20s. I quit the band scene to have more time to raise my daughter, but got back into it when I met my current husband over 15 years ago. He’s a very talented singer/songwriter, and talked me into joining a band with him. We played together in a few bands, one of which was very successful in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for nearly ten years.

Recent changes in my health forced me to stop performing, and made me realize I’m not going to have my day job forever, so I started working towards becoming independent. I started hitting the webmaster forums harder than ever, looking for ideas, and looking for the support network I would need as I move out on my own. I don’t know how I missed the V7 Network for so long, but when I finally found it, it was like coming home.

I was always the webmaster for whatever band I was in, plus a few other bands that I was friends with. Now that I’m moving out on my own, my first few projects are music-related. I have a musician’s forum and a music news blog. I’m not sure about the blog yet, but I believe the forum will be very successful in time. My next project may also be music-related, but I’m also considering a health-related forum.

Every forum I’ve ever been active in had nice people, but – you know how you sometimes meet a person and things just click – like you’ve already been friends for a long time? That’s how it was when I found V7 Network. Everyone was so friendly and so helpful, but it was more than that. I just felt like this is where I belong. So, I hope you guys don’t mind, but I think I will stick around a while.


  1. Jim GillumJim Gillum03-14-2014

    Very nice story…addicted to the net…me too…:)

    Music can do so much good…..
    BTW….good work over at V7N…

  2. ScriptmanScriptman03-14-2014

    A very welcome addition to the forum. I did not realize you might have a grey hair or two. 🙂

  3. DerekDerek03-14-2014

    Wait, Jim is friendly?

    We are glad to have you on the forum Katt.

  4. KattKatt03-14-2014

    Thanks guys! And yes, I have a gray hair or two hundred. LOL

  5. KarticKartic03-20-2014

    oh so v7n is another band for you and you are enjoying it 😛

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