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Featured V7N Admin: S Emerson (a.k.a. HTMLBasicTutor)

Admin: S Emerson (a.k.a. HTMLBasicTutor)

Let’s see, how did I come to be a part of the V7N Web Development forums? It is all Cricket‘s fault! Really it is.

As I was finishing my Program Analysis/Web Development course I joined a Graphic & Web Designer Yahoo! group. At that time there were not social networks as you understand them to be today. It was either forums or group mailing lists where newbies learnt from those with experience in your industry. Cricket was a member of the group and posted she was holding SEO (search engine optimization) classes so wanting to provide my clients the best services available I joined.

The group has a lot of small business owners taking the course and I noticed that they were having difficulties finding the parts of their web pages the lessons referred to so I suggested that maybe we could add a HTML coding set of lessons. Cricket said ok, we will try it. I have been there since.

HTML Basic Tutor was born from those HTML lessons. I started the site to post supplemental information for the lessons instead of creating huge lessons posted to the group. On Cricket’s encouragement, I authored an ebook, HTML 4.01 Basics Simplified, which is an expanded edition of the lessons posted to the SEO lessons group.

The organized person that I am, I was posting in the HTML lessons to bookmark reference sites contained in the lessons into browser folders, make folders on their computer to store their practice web pages and other stuff someone that uses a computer regularly assumes others know how to do. Well they didn’t. Basic Computer Information was born on Blogger. Later on, when I got proper hosting and a domain name (as I should when I started) Basic Computer Information moved to its own domain. As I have come across things people do not know how to do I add posts with instructions.

Another site that came from taking the SEO lessons is Web Page Mistakes. I saw mistakes being made and spread around the net. These did not fit into the
themes of HTML Basic Tutor (coding focused) and Basic Computer Information (miscellaneous computer How Tos) so I needed another site to post those fixes.

Through the years I have made the same mistakes the rest of you have made.

  • Before going to school for my diploma I joined a few affiliate clubs which now I know we were the owner’s tier affiliates and that my sub domain on their sites didn’t have a chance of doing well. My sub domain included an online WYSWYG (What You See What You Get) editor that I found so frustrating it made
    me want to learn how to do this myself.
  • I started my original web design website on my ISP provided hosting space. Another place you have no hope of being found.
  • HTML Basic Tutor started on my Yahoo! GeoCities account. That was a great demonstration of why not to use free hosting. Fortunately I moved away from
    there before they closed.
  • When I got a domain with hosting package for HTML Basic Tutor from a local company it was a pain to move away from them. My new domain registrar and
    hosting companies were great helping me to sort things out.
  • My blogs started on Blogger and I had to wait for the search engines to find their new homes on their own domains.
  • I got a reseller hosting account and hosted my own sites plus some of my clients sites. There were lots of non paying questions asked with that arrangement.

Over the years, Cricket kept bugging me to join V7N. She literally dragged me kicking and screaming. While doing homework for my course I had read a lot of forums looking for further information on what I was learning plus solutions to me breaking my homework in the middle of the night when it was due the next day. I obviously found the wrong forums because it turned me off using forums. People can be really mean to a newbie. As I hung around V7N I found it is not like that and being mean to a newbie is not tolerated.

So since 2007 I have worked my way up the ladder of titles at V7N. A Mentor because I found and posted valuable information to people’s questions c/w reliable sources for them to read. A Moderator of a few specific sub forums to keep an eye on quality of posts and remove spam. When I started reporting too much spam outside my jurisdiction Muddy must have complained I was finding all these threads and posts to be removed and filling his mailbox because I then got promoted to Super Moderator. (wink) Now, just recently, I have been promoted again to Administrator to help our Community Manager, Cricket, out.

The experience at V7N has been great. Made some great friends over the years. Some people come up with or have heard some pretty wild ideas that made me go research if that idea was viable or a myth that needed to squashed. It has rounded out my skills as a website developer. We have a great team of Moderators and Super Moderators at V7N. When there is a problem we discuss a solution and collectively resolve it.

It is true, V7N is the friendliest webmaster forum on the web.

See you around the forums.

S Emerson
Accrete Web Solutions – Search engine friendly websites, ecommerce websites & blogs
Web Page Mistakes – Web page mistakes with solutions

  1. DerekDerek01-27-2014

    Cricket can be very convincing. Don’t get me started on muddy.

    The moderators always on the same page, that’s what makes the forum a friendly place.

    Cricket is secretly spilling the seo secrets

    • S EmersonS Emerson01-27-2014

      There are still some things she hasn’t talked me into, yet…

  2. ScriptmanScriptman01-27-2014

    With friends like Cricket do you need enemies? Just joking.

    All of us admire the work you do in that one really hard to patrol section of V7N.

    • S EmersonS Emerson01-27-2014

      Thanks Scriptman. It is a great experience on some of the wild stuff out there.

  3. Doc SheldonDoc Sheldon01-27-2014

    ‘Tutor is one of the “fixtures” at V7N, always around to answer questions, clarify misunderstandings and give precision interpretations when technical issues arise. I feel guilty about putting in so little time here when I see how Basic is always on top of things… really makes some of us look bad! 😉
    I know a lot of people that are very proficient in HTML coding, but I can honestly say that I know nobody that is more capable of not just achieving customized functionality, but doing it in the most efficient way possible. The term “elegant code” was probably coined by someone describing ‘Tutor’s work.
    We love ya, Basic!

    • S EmersonS Emerson01-27-2014

      Thanks Doc. It’s all that reading I do that helps keep me up to date with the right information to share.

  4. J. H. RasmussenJ. H. Rasmussen01-27-2014

    HTMLBasicTutor sure is a nice woman with a lot of HTML knowledge. She is a good Super Moderator, and she is good at dealing with one of the harder parts of v7n, the Marketplace, and regularly updates the sticky threads in the coding forum, with news about new coding/markup standards. I think she is doing a very good job on v7n, and i am happy that she is now upgraded to Administrator 🙂

  5. KattKatt01-27-2014

    So if we really learn from our mistakes, you should be a doggone genius huh? Just kidding – but I do like how you publicly admit your past mistakes and what/how you learned from them. Perhaps you’re helping someone else to not make the same mistake (probably not, but one can hope).

    I don’t go into the Marketplace much so I don’t know what they’re talking about there, but I’ve seen you help countless members during my short time here. And you and everyone else here make me feel like I’ve finally found my “go to” place for help with anything website related, but more than that, you (and the rest of the team) are just downright friendly. Are you sure you aren’t all from Texas? 🙂

  6. Jim GillumJim Gillum01-28-2014

    Basic is a wonderful asset to the forum….
    She has a lot of knowledge to share and does so freely…..
    Thanks for your good efforts…:)

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