Super Moderator: Snakeair

Featured V7N Super Moderator: Snakeair

Getting To Know Snakeair

Hello everybody, this is snakeair, the super moderator on the V7N Web Development forum. My real name is Derek. I do not mind if you call me by my first name.

First let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am actually not a snake if you have wondered about this for a while. I do not work from home. I’m still working the corporate job. Since the tender age of 19, I have worked for the same company and I will turn 34 this coming April. Currently, I am the Team Lead for an IT company with a recent promotion this past November. This wasn’t handed to me on a silver platter.

Being a Team Lead is a very huge responsibility at the company I work for. To be honest with you, it’s a very demanding job that can be stressful but I have gotten used to dealing with stress in my own way. You should see the holes in my walls. I love my career job and to give you a history of the different positions I have held, you can view my LinkedIn profile. Let’s connect with each other. I do not bite.

My Moderator History

The forum was not my first moderator volunteer job. I first learned how to moderate on the support forum. How I ended up as moderator is a funny story and I will keep this short. In 2002, I used to play online games on and the one game I played daily I became friends with a few people and one of them started a forum on the software. After a few weeks, I pissed off the admin and I got banned. I was young and stupid btw. So I went to the official support forum to demand I get unbanned but that didn’t happen.

Turns out my troubleshooting instincts I use at work kicked in on their support forum. I started troubleshooting the other forum admin issues and posted the answers. Seeing how nice those forum owners were in thanking me publicly, I sort of liked that type of response and became a regular helper. The admin made me a global moderator after a few weeks and I learned how to act as a moderator on a large forum from that point on. The moderators there represent their companyโ€™s values.

I left the global moderator gig in 2007 because my forum was a hit. I decided I wanted to run a forum so I purchased a vBulletin license, VBSEO licenses (theyโ€™re out of business now) and had a custom theme created in January of 2007. The forum was doing well but I sold it because I had a strong interest in the WordPress software.

Needing support on WordPress and tips on how to market online because I was a newbie, I started googling for marketing/SEO forums and landed on the V7N. I never left once I joined the forum. The members were so helpful and that made me stay there. I then noticed right away some spam so I reported a ton of posts each time I was there and I think Cricket the admin got pissed off at me reporting so many threads she made me a moderator then super moderator. ๐Ÿ˜›

Come to think of it, I love coffee and so does Cricket… This might have been why I became a moderator.

Here is a huge tip for when you visit a forum for the first time. Read their FAQ page and any sticky threads in the category that you are in. Knowing what not to do will help you succeed on that forum and not get you in trouble with the moderators. You can always PM the moderators and ask for advice. The moderators like it when members do this because we can explain things better in PM and help you rather than infracting you or calling you out in public in a thread.

When you can feel comfortable on a forum posting advice or anything in general and not get flamed for it, you know you found the perfect forum. This is why you should stay on the V7N forum. Member bashing will not be tolerated and report members who are doing this.

My Online Projects

Currently I own 3 domains with one live website which is my blog. I started the Newbiz Advertising blog back in 2008 a few weeks after I sold my forum. Originally I sold the forum because I wanted to just get away from the online world and watch TV all day besides drinking lots of beer. Turns out I can’t get away from my laptop or the internet in general. I work at an IT company and the online world is my life. The blog was originally started for myself to just blog about whatever I wanted to and soon I let other members contribute on it.

The overall goal of my blog is to just provide useful information that will help at least 1 person online. I didn’t create the blog to be a famous guru at all or even make thousands of dollars a month. I have even started an income reports page displaying what I make online each month with the blog.

Blogging is my hobby and if things change and it makes a ton of money, I would reconsider my career for sure. If I can help out 1 person with one blog post on the blog then my job is done for at least 1 day.

In real life, I have always been the peacekeeper. What can I say, I’m just a nice guy with a big heart. I was raised to respect everyone unless disrespected and family always comes first to me. Yes, I’m 100% Italian and have pasta about 5 nights a week.


  1. DerekDerek01-24-2014

    I love you Derek. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. MuddyMuddy01-24-2014

    Derek, you go girl!

  3. Jim GillumJim Gillum01-25-2014

    Pasta and beer…..great combination…:)

    I often wonder if you are twins…..

  4. He’s the best moderator out there, Just because he gave me reputations on several occasions !!!

  5. DerekDerek01-25-2014

    Sometimes I even give Cricket some REP. People who deserve REP will get it eventually from me. Sometimes I just forget to click the button but good posts will be rewarded for sure.

    It might be time to call it a night for the laptop and move to the mobile phone…errrr stay offline.

  6. J. H. RasmussenJ. H. Rasmussen01-25-2014

    I sure respect snakeair, he’s a nice person, and he sure uses a lot of time on v7n, creating threads, guiding members, participating in threads, moderating etc.

    Keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. ScriptmanScriptman01-25-2014

    The only Snake I care for.

  8. DerekDerek01-25-2014

    I just woke up. This snake sleeps to much.

  9. SnooksSnooks01-26-2014

    Having been a visitor and also a Moderator on V7N forums, i can truly say that the place wouldnt be the same without “Snakey”.

    Not only is he a great Mod, but he’s full of knowledge, ideas and mischief. Oh yeh…Snakey loves a joke.

    Good to hear a bit more about you mate, keep up the great work and be sure that Cricket keeps the coffee coming hot and strong.


  10. DerekDerek01-26-2014

    One of these days, I will put a coffee machine on my computer desk. Less walking for me.

  11. Doc SheldonDoc Sheldon01-27-2014

    I haven’t seen any reports to substantiate it, but I would be very surprised if Derek isn’t the most active mod on V7N, by a factor or 2 or 3 to 1. And by active, I don’t mean just post-count… I mean value.
    Having gotten to “know” him a bit over the last few years, I’ve come to respect him tremendously for his knowledge, his attitude toward helping others and for his approach to life in general. Derek’s got it all together, any way you look at it.
    When he says his present corporate position wasn’t handed to him on a silver platter, it’s an understatement. He earned it, and then some (a long time ago, in my opinion). He’s the sort of person you want on your team, whether it’s professional or personal in nature.
    Keep rockin’ our world, Derek!

  12. DerekDerek01-27-2014

    Thank you Doc.

    V7N is my drug of choice. I take this drug several times a day. lol

  13. KattKatt01-27-2014

    Nice to learn a bit more about my favorite moderator. I just found V7N not too long ago, but I kept coming back largely due to you. Your level of dedication, intelligence, kindness, and helpfulness is a rare treat and I’m sure a lot of other members feel the same way.

    So I hope they’re paying you well – at least cake or donuts to go with the coffee. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. DerekDerek02-01-2014

    Endless supply of Coffee is what I need. Speaking of coffee….

    <— runs to the kitchen!!

  15. ValuecodersValuecoders02-11-2014

    Undoubtedly Derek, you are a good moderator. I am new to the forum but one of my friend is an contributing member on V7N, He also wrote a blogpost on your blog Newbizshop.

  16. zeruelzeruel02-14-2014

    Definitely one of the best *supah* moderator at V7N! ๐Ÿ™‚

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