Keeping Up With Technology

Multiple Devices To Browse The Internet

Is your website keeping up with technology? If I have learned anything over the years it is that our websites will never be “done” and there is no such thing as “coasting” because it is a never ending process of improving.

Recently a small business owner explained to me that he was not concerned about his site being accessible from a variety of devices because his target audience tends to access his site from a desktop computer.

Excuse me?

Exactly which audience would that be?

Your visitors don’t use cell phones or tablets?

You’re kidding me, right?

Maybe that is because they can’t access your site or it is too difficult to browse from their smaller screen?

Six in ten cell phone owners (63%) now go online using their mobile phones, an eight-point increase from the 55% of cell owners who did so at a similar point in 2012 and a two-fold increase over the 31% who did so in 2009.” – Pew Internet & American Life Project

Perhaps it is time for us to sit down and truly review our sites through the eyes of our visitors from multiple devices. I have a feeling it won’t be long before cell phones and tablets become the most common way of accessing the web.

What are you doing to keep up with it all?


J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of

  1. vQuocvQuoc01-14-2014

    Well, like you’ve said, I will sit down & truly review my website through the eyes of my visitors from multiple devices, and even locations.

    Thanks for the great advice Ms. Walker 🙂

  2. Robert J BanachRobert J Banach02-28-2014

    As a novice WordPress blogger, I chose a theme that scales, and it appears to be working fairly nicely, least on my phone.

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