Escaping The World

Escaping The World

Every now and then I think we reach the point that we have simply had enough of it all. We don’t care about the newest stats on our sites, our positions in the search engine results, bounce rates, or whether or not our sites validate. We just want to run away from it all for a little while and we look for our next escape to let it all go.

You know the exact moment when your limit has been reached. Maybe you just spilled an entire cup of coffee on your laptop, or maybe you spent hours working on a project before your computer decided to kick the bucket and you lose it all.

It is definitely time to take a break…

For me, that usually involves grabbing my camera and finding a back road. I just explore the world in near silence. Others may decide to hit the local pub and party til dawn.

I wonder if geeks have similar preferences when they search for ways to unwind.

How do you escape the pressures of the world?


J. Cricket Walker

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