Social Media Outrage

Social Media Outrage

In the generation of social media, outrage has become overwhelmingly viral. This can certainly be a good thing when it helps expose corruption and injustices in the world around us – things that need a powerful voice to create change .

That being said, I think that perhaps our lives only have so much room for outrage without hardening who we are as people.

There is no shortage of controversies in the news to keep everyone outraged nearly every minute of the day, but when is enough, enough?

Do we wait until our hearts and lives are consumed with outrage?

The Impact of Social Media Outrage on Your Business

How about the impact the conflict has on your business?

Do these topics belong on your business related Facebook page or Twitter?

Probably not…

I am not saying we shouldn’t have an opinion.

I am simply wondering why we feel the need to share our outrage with others on a gazillion controversial discussions going on every minute of every day.

If a controversy is dividing our nation are you willing to divide your target audience and perhaps lose a hefty percentage of your visitors simply because you wanted to share your opinion? Create a buzz? Pray it all becomes viral?

Is that really what we want for our businesses?

Maybe now and then we should choose to sit out on commenting about on the outrage of the day and just move forward.

Just my 2 cents as always…


J. Cricket Walker

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