6 Ways To Blog More Often

Blogging Time

If you wait for the best time and place to blog, you will be lucky if you manage to blog once a month. It will likely be even less than that.

If you are waiting for the perfect topic and are stuck in the brainstorming mode, go ahead and reduce that number by less than half that amount.

You are just gonna have to trust me on this because it is a lesson I seem to need to learn over and over again. You might as well get over it right now. The time and place is never going to be quite right and the post is never going to be perfect.

Just start writing and (if you will forgive the cliché) let the chips fall where they may.

1. Install a blogging app to your mobile phone so that you can easily write (at least a draft) while you are waiting in line at the grocery store or even while you are stuck waiting for your doctor’s appointment.

2. If you spend time watching a favorite TV show, work on a blog post during the commercials. There are more than you think!

3. Sometimes it is nice to do absolutely nothing while you enjoy a latte at your local coffee shop. Other times you could easily start a new blog post.

4. If you’re outdoors laying by the pool while you work on your tan (please use sunscreen) why not joy down a few ideas in a little notebook?

5. Start taking pictures – a lot of pictures. You would be shocked at how much easier it is to come up with ideas to write about when you are capturing the beauty (and the crazy stuff) of the world around you!

6. If you can type while you are on the treadmill at the gym then you are far more coordinated that I am but I do see people texting there all the time. You might be at least be able to get a draft started.

Above all, stop waiting for perfection and just start writing. If you get really stuck you can always come up with 6 ways to help people blog more often! (grin)


J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com

  1. Cris MondeCris Monde04-28-2013

    I agree with those tips above especially the number 1. I think I must start doing it in order to post and update my blog too. 😀

  2. Ted JonesTed Jones05-13-2013

    I don’t know if I’d be coordinated enough to write while walking on a treadmill either, but now I’m curious if I can hack it or not. I’ll have to give it a try.

    Lately I’ve been been bringing my laptop and typing posts in the car while my wife and I are driving somewhere (she’s driving of course). I’m not the most productive in the car because traffic is often stressful around here, but if I wasn’t typing I’d just be sitting there anyway, so I’m happy with the extra work I get done in the car.

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