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If you are running an online business, like it or not, you are going to have to start finding ways to connect with people beyond your own website.

I am not talking about spamming your company product or service all over the internet. I am talking about truly connecting with your target audience.

Let’s say that you sell paint supplies.

How on earth do you connect with people about a topic like that? You can’t exactly head over to Facebook and tell your “friends” to check out your online paint supply store day after day, after day or you are going to end up friendless.

So what do you do?

Ask yourself, who uses paint supplies?

How about people who love do it yourself type projects?

There are literally thousands of forums out there for this. Find one that you like and actively participate in a positive manner. Take a little time every day to help others. A simple signature (according to the forum rules) will help get your name known.

Start a blog that isn’t about convincing people to buy from you but rather one that offers daily tips on ways to be creative with their painting projects. Teach them easy ways to do specific techniques. Teach them the best ways to prepare and clean-up afterwards.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – John C. Maxwell

Start a Facebook page that offers tips on a regular basis and share your blog articles. Share before and after pictures of some of your clients (or even your own) projects.

There are more social media sites out there than any one person can actively participate in. Do not try to do them all or you will drive yourself crazy and the quality of your sharing will go downhill fast. Just find a few that you can be comfortable with and do it the right way.

J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of

  1. S EmersonS Emerson01-07-2013

    Remarkablogger posted a related article the other day:

    Sharing is all about relationships
    Sharing and relationship are really just two words about the same thing. No “relating” can possibly take place without sharing. And you can’t share with someone without relating to them. So sharing really is all about relationships. The stronger the relationship, the more trust there is. The more trust there is, the more likely a sale will result.
    Source: Sharecasters: The 5 Motivations Behind Why People Share Content on Social Media & Blogs

    I would agree people seem to spread themselves a bit too thin by trying to be everywhere.

  2. Great Post first to say, yes, there are many such niches to which connecting directly to the audience becomes difficult, and in order to successfully do that. In such a case, what you give out to public will become a crucial part for you to receive it back, so I will quote it this way, “Share to earn and Share to grow” the quote means, Share your thoughts to earn a good traffic on your website and grow your chances to get good traffic and better business leads.

  3. William T. CoWilliam T. Co01-29-2013

    Yeah, if you start with immediately trying to sell something, that’s really a big turnoff.

  4. DPFOCDPFOC02-05-2013

    Social Medial and Search engine Marketing are the best internet marketing strategies to connect your business or products with thousands of people in just one click. Marketing is communicating true values and significances to your audience and social media is the best possible way to do that.

  5. Michael MedeirosMichael Medeiros04-17-2013

    Great insights Cricket! I have been having trouble with Social Media and I get feeling of guilt posting on twitter and the like. I feel like I’m driving down their throats. After reading this, I am going to attempt a new approach to marketing through social media.

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