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How do you go about finding photos for your blog posts?

A lot of new bloggers think it is okay to use pictures they find searching Google Images. I do not recommend this as an option because the odds are very good that the photo is copyright protected which could land you right smack in the middle of some serious legal issue. Read this bloggers story first if you are tempted to use this method.

Ideally all the images you use would be those you have personally taken but that isn’t always possible. There are alternatives if you take the time to search them out.

Before I offer some advice though, let me clarify one thing.

Royalty free images are rarely free.

People who are not familiar with stock photography often think that royalty free means they can use the images as no cost but that is NOT how it works.

In photography and the illustration industry, refers to a copyright license where the user has the right to use the picture without many restrictions based on one-time payment to the licensor. The user can therefore use the image in several projects without having to purchase any additional licenses.” – Wikipedia

The problem is, if you purchase all of your images it can get expensive, especially if you are just writing on a personal blog that produces very little or no income.

There are some free sites out there but you still have to use extreme caution to read the fine print before using one of the photos as each may have different requirements. Some may be free but require you to request permission from the photographer first. Others may require providing credit to the photographer.

Learning to take your own pictures is starting to sound better and better, isn’t it?

For my personal blog, I simply use photos I have taken myself. For the business blogs I always try to find truly free images first but for those times when I simply can’t find what I need, I use sites like Fotolia.

What ideas do you have for finding photos for your blog?

J. Cricket Walker

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  1. Cindy CullenCindy Cullen01-06-2013

    Great post Cricket! I had a client who got an $1800 bill because their previous web developer (from overseas) used a cropped portion of a copyrighted image. They had to pay the bill. Not fun for them.

    I sometimes use for images and Sometimes you can find pics at too. Same goes for these sites: you MUST read the fine print before using the pics.

  2. nayara azevedonayara azevedo02-05-2013

    Many of blogs need pictures. I totally agreed with you it’s really difficult to find the pictures which are royalty free. Very nice article.

  3. Ted JonesTed Jones05-17-2013

    Aside from using the free picture sites already mentioned, I also use

    In the future though, I will take the plunge and start paying for images. There’s not a whole lot of variety or options in the free world.

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