My Biggest Online Pet Peeve


Ya see that guy in the picture above this post?

That is exactly what I look like right now.

Yup! I am cranky so you might as well grab a cup of coffee and prepare to laugh at me while I rant about my biggest online pet peeve – the one thing that drives me crazy.

There are plenty of things to rant about but this one is like fingernails on a chalk board for me. (Do people still remember that sound?) It seriously sends me over the edge.

Ya ready for this one?

Articles or blog posts that are broken up into multiple pages literally drive me insane.

It used to be that they were just broken up into 2-3 pages (which still aggravated me) but now if you see an article discussing the top 10 of just about any topic you will find it broken in 10 pages!


Do they really think they will benefit by showing me 10 times as many ads?

For me, I don’t care how badly I want to read about the topic. By the time you make me click “next” for the 3rd time the only thing you have accomplished is me leaving your site and reminding myself not to return.

I cannot be the ONLY person that feels this way. Am I? Maybe they should check their stats to see how many visitors abandon their site right in the middle of an article.

Seriously, if you are a blogger. DON’T DO THIS!


I feel much better now.

I think I will grab another cup of coffee. (grin)

So tell me. What are your biggest online pet peeves?

J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of

  1. ScriptManScriptMan12-28-2012

    LOL! I could not agree more when there is is only 2-3 paragraphs on each page.

    I hope you make a minor exception for really long articles. My target is about 4-500 words when I write. I rarely break them them into parts unless they go over 800 and only then if there is a really logical break point.

    • CricketCricket12-28-2012

      Long articles that break in the middle actually don’t bother me at all because in that case it makes sense. 🙂

  2. I agree that multiple clicks required is annoying, and I typically won’t do it, either. That said, I have a hard time elevating that to a pet peeve status. What drives me nuts is when people post things that are too good/bad to be true–especially political stuff with all the angst going on this year–and a little bit of fact-checking reveals it really isn’t true. And often it’s somebody using an unsourced blog as a source.

    • CricketCricket12-28-2012

      I have lost my interest in politics for that very reason. It is difficult to tell these days what is and isn’t the truth….

  3. J. H. RasmussenJ. H. Rasmussen12-28-2012

    Ads in blog or forum posts annoy me. I don’t have a problem with ads between posts, but some blogs and forums have the ads in the post itself, so when you read the post, sooner or later, you will realize that you are now reading an ad, that is a good way to make me leave the blog or forum.

    Nice post Cricket.

    • CricketCricket12-28-2012

      Oh that one irritates me as well…

  4. Larna PittiglioLarna Pittiglio12-28-2012

    Ha! No you are not the only one…. what is with all the ones that also make you flick through a gallery slider to read the list? Gives me the willies too frankly (Australian slang inserted here)… lol

    Are they not better off breaking long articles into a series of posts? Or just keep it simple… honestly when I am reading a blog post… I want to read short snappy info of value, post a comment and move on with my day… just like I have done here!

    • CricketCricket12-28-2012

      I think it truly comes down to them wanting us to see more ads.

  5. S EmersonS Emerson12-28-2012

    It seems that a few V7N members also do not like the Pagination thing.

    Why websites should not make you click and click and click for the full story.

    One of the more popular sites will do a list post. It’s pictures! How helpful is that?

    • CricketCricket12-28-2012

      How did I miss that thread? Thank you for sharing it with me!

  6. DerekDerek12-29-2012

    I just hate it when i’m reading a good blog post then after the 2nd paragraph, you have to either subscribe to there list or buy a premium package to read the full blog post for the current blog post and in fact the rest of the blog posts on the blog. WTF, make it free to read content.

    WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL? I just never come back to that blog and make sure I never recommend it to anyone because the owner created the blog just to earn money and not provide free advice. There million ways to earn money from a blog and this isn’t the one to try out.

  7. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany12-29-2012

    I agree with all!!! There are just too many ads out there and too many people trying to control your access and forcing you to do this and that. I drop out early – no one is that good to keep me going through the mazes. Thx Cricket

    • CricketCricket12-29-2012

      I honestly don’t have a problem with ads (within reason) because they make it possible for sites to stay online. I just have a problem with forcing me through a maze of ads to read the content…

  8. NickNick01-28-2013

    Agree 100%. Should be straight outlawed online. But i think some bloggers/papers do it as i way to upsell their products. Like if you subscribe you don’t have to read the article in chunks. But really just by using this tactic makes me not want to read their articles!

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