Is Goggle To Blame?


It never ceases to amaze me how many people get incredible angry at Google when their website doesn’t do as well in the search results as they THINK it should. They are positive Google is evil and out to destroy small business.

Are you kidding me?

Google is a FREE service. They owe you absolutely NOTHING! Every single visitor you get from Google was provided to you at no charge. (Unless you happen to pay for advertising on Google)

C’mon! Is Google really to blame for all your website traffic woes?

Isn’t it at least possible that YOU are responsible?

Following a recent update that impacted some exact match domains in the search results, I decided to check on one of my older blogs. Sure enough, it had slipped a few spots. It would have been easy to blame Google.

I could have ranted and raved while screaming, “How dare they take away my number one spot?” I had been there forever! The truth is, exact match domains are not being punished or penalized. They simply no longer have much of an advantage over other domains.

In my case, I have badly neglected the blog on the exact match domain that I own. I haven’t updated it since June of 2008!

Once you get past wasting time thinking that Google somehow owes you a living you can begin to fit the pieces of the puzzle together that will help you get better results.

Yup! It’s time for me to get my tail back in gear. What about you?

J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of

  1. Well I would have to agree with some of it. If you neglect things and don’t pay attention to Mr. Cutt’s warnings you will probably slip. In the defense of many website owners ad Google… Google restructured the format of the search page forcing organic pages further down the page. This focuses more of the clicks on sponsored Adwords and Adwords Express pages. I think this combined with the increasing number of people on smartphones is forcing site owners to think outside the box. Well if they want to be found anyway. Just my two cents.

    • CricketCricket11-05-2012

      Absolutely! But that is exactly my point! It’s their search engine so they can change things around all they want. It truly is up to us to keep up with it all though. 🙂

      • Yeah most business owners don’t have a clue nor the time to keep up with it. Small businesses that can’t afford to hire an seo person or company are often left in the wing.

    • S. EmersonS. Emerson11-06-2012

      If you are trying to compete with big box stores and those who spend their money on Adwords then you are targeting the word searches IMHO.

      Find a less competitive phrase to be found for. I know it’s hard but you just have to or you are going to continue the Google blame game and/or just not do well in Google at all.

      You don’t just want visitors, you want targeted visitors. If that means 10 per day and most of those convert into a sale than that’s a good day. When you are not getting the conversions, it’s your page content or price that isn’t converting those visitors. Google has nothing to do with that.

  2. ElaineElaine11-05-2012

    If you’re doing something well, Google shouldn’t be your only source of traffic anyway. People link to, bookmark, and interact with sites they like – sometimes without a search engine. 🙂

    • CricketCricket11-05-2012

      There are so many different pieces of the puzzle we can use!

  3. John KainJohn Kain11-05-2012

    I Like Google, I finally made it to the second page of the John Kain Photography. Of course you have to fight through all the “Did you Mean Cain” or “Cane” or “Kane”> That is the part I hate. Google thinks it is smarter than me! Just give me what I am searching for, Please!

  4. BeccaBecca11-11-2012

    Some interesting post you have here. We can not blame some of them to put blame on Google because there were things Google did that not really good for business.And seemingly they do it regularly.

  5. Deni SaputraDeni Saputra11-18-2012

    Nice written CRICKET!
    very interesting!
    Google owe us absolutely NOTHING – That’s true.

  6. NancyNancy11-28-2012

    When i started creating sites in 2009 i was heavily relying on Google but when my sites started to go down due to virus and other things, I had learnt a lesson that relying on one site and one source of traffic would be foolishness

  7. Rodrick Q. KleinRodrick Q. Klein01-18-2013

    Some businesses decide to forego branding and instead opt for a domain name like or These are known as exact match domain names (EMDs), and these examples contain a geographic indicator and a category keyword. The goal is to score a domain name that is a popular keyword phrase that people search for because historically, having keywords in the domain name has helped sites rank better in search results for those keywords. Also, when people type a search phrase directly into the address bar of their browser instead of in the search text box, either accidentally or on purpose, EMDs have performed well. That’s known as “type-in traffic” or “direct type-in traffic”.

  8. Mike BayesMike Bayes02-27-2013

    With great power comes great responsibility. I agree no one can “blame” Google for a rankings decrease. I do feel they could find a better way of communicating to the small business community what it takes to be visible. Or, we should just all give in and go where Google wants us…. Ad Words.

    I am all in with several remarks above that a business needs to NOT put all of its marketing eggs in the Google basket. Diversity is important on the Internet, and truly, prior to the Internet becoming the hands down number one marketing method, there were and are other methods that a business can use.

  9. Brandon Q. ScottBrandon Q. Scott04-26-2013

    The question is ” Does you exact match domains work domains work in 2013 “? I can honesty say yes to that! Why? Since Google did their little algorithm update many think that you can not rank a domain with the exact same keywords as the domain. Just a quick example by what I mean when I say EMD I mean if you were targeting the keyword ” make six figures online “. Awhile back all you had to do was buy the domain and you get ranked just that easily. You got high ranking points in Google eyes even if you had no content on your site! Of course these types of sites were ranking like crazy! Then the update came and many sites were hit hard! You can still rank in 2013 even though Google took some of the power away. If you own a domain and have unique content on your site then you will get ranked and on the first page of Google results. Sounds awesome right!!! Here is some that you should remember when buying domains: Always get the .com, .org, or .net if available! Thanks would love to hear your comments and concerns!

  10. A lot of SEOs (folks who specialize in search engine optimization) and owners of low-quality exact match domains are upset about the EMD update. They lost rankings and the money that went along with those rankings. But withhold your sympathy; this update’s ultimate beneficiary is the search engine user. And we are all search engine users. Most people will find that their Google searches lead to better, more helpful results as the EMD and other updates like Panda are applied. The fact is: If you want good search engine rankings, you’d better forget about short cuts. As in life, nothing good comes without effort.

  11. Nell F. BentleyNell F. Bentley05-12-2013

    The idea of this update is to penalise poor quality exact match domains – so not brands and not sites using exact match domains but where the content is actually of some value.

  12. Viola GoldenViola Golden06-05-2013

    What they’ve actually done is target exact match domains that contain low quality or thin content, or that have a poor linking profile. This simply means that having the keywords in your domain name is no longer enough to give you a decent kick up the rankings; you also need to have decent content and plenty of quality backlinks .

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