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“Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more." -- Mother Teresa

Heart Of A Survivor


I won’t pretend to understand or have a clue what the folks impacted by this devastating storm are going through or what they are feeling right now, but I do know this…

They are not victims.

They are survivors.

I am already seeing it in their faces and hearing it in their words.

I see it as they reach out their hands to one another and as our country comes together as one to make a difference.

The heart of a survivor comforts others even as they need comfort themselves. They wipe away each other’s tears and they hold on with everything they have.

They mourn their losses and move on to the business of living as they realize how very lucky they are to be here – how easily it could have turned out differently.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with those who have lost loved ones and for those who lost their homes. May the coming days bring you strength to face and overcome the challenges and to never forget that you are here and you are a survivor.


J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com

  1. HaleyHaley10-30-2012

    Well said.
    Praying for everyone touched by the storm <3

  2. ScriptManScriptMan10-30-2012

    That Haley girl already said all that I could add to this post.

    So I have no choice except to say I agree.

  3. DerekDerek10-30-2012

    I’m from South New Jersey and thank everyone who has said a prayer for those of us who have been effect by this storm. My family is unharmed other then a few with no power still. I had to drive to work today and at 6a.m. even though it was dark out, I saw lot’s of damange from downed trees and telaphone poles. 2 major roads I take to drive to work was closed because of this, I drove though a blacked out town to get to the interstate. On the way home,, still those homes without power and traffic lights off. I did see lot’s of crew’s working but there is a lot of damage to cleanup. Telaphone poles have to be inspected to make sure they won’t snap because of taken a pounding last night. Our NJ shores basically gone, beaches sand ruined, boardwalks completly wiped out. We will rebuild but it will take time as winter is coming very soon.

    So far our governoR and the President have been doing a great job in helping our state out as fast as they can send the needed help.

  4. Alison GrahamAlison Graham10-30-2012

    Amen! Eloquently spoken, Cricket.

  5. Carol WileyCarol Wiley10-30-2012


  6. DebDeb10-30-2012

    Beautifully said, Cricket. How I wish that we could live every day committed to helping each other instead of plotting how to get ahead at the expense of others. Disasters bring out the best in people; what a wonderful world it would be if we promoted those qualities in our actions every day.

  7. Laurie NeumannLaurie Neumann10-30-2012

    Very nicely said, Cricket. What a devastating situation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany10-31-2012

    We had one tragedy as far away as Toronto. A Staples sign broke away in the wind and fell on a women, killing her instantly. I am praying for her family. We seem to just come together in tragedies.

  9. Joyce CampJoyce Camp10-31-2012

    Beautiful Cricket!
    It’s very heart warming to see so many people who would not normally cross paths come together in times like these to reach out and help others in times of need!
    I never understand if it can be done in times of disaster and despair why can’t it be done on a daily basis when things are good?
    Is it because we are just to busy in our crazy daily routines? Or do we not think it’s as important if it’s just one to two people that need help instead of thousands or millions that need help?
    My cousin’s daughter lives across from NYC in NJ, her, her husband, and 3 small children spent the night in their basement with no electric. Yesterday went to a hotel and will be heading back here to stay with her mom until they can go and check out all the damage to their newly built home!
    It’s all so sad!

  10. Les GoldenLes Golden10-31-2012

    I do know what these people are going through…not a pleasant thing to endure. In time they will recover but it will not be an easy road. I pray for all who have suffered this loss. And pray for all the volunteers and government workers. May they be guided and protected by the hand of God.

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