Can You See Me Now?


I love the way Facebook makes it possible for me to network with my favorite pages. Having the updates of the pages show up in my news feed is like having the most incredible RSS reader ever! Except for one problem…

As much as I wish it did, it simply doesn’t work that way.

Facebook uses a special algorithm to decide how often they will show you updates (in your news feed) from the pages you like. On the average (unless the page admin pays Facebook) only about 10% of the people who like a page will be shown an update for a specific post. The less often you interact with a page, the less often you will see updates.

How many of you would rather decide for yourself?

Stomping our feet, ranting and raving isn’t going to do much good. It’s their social network so they can do as they please. This is especially true if Facebook would prefer that page admins/owners pay for more people to see them.

What if you don’t want to miss a thing from your favorite pages or you just can’t bear the thought of not seeing one of my goofy good morning coffee updates? (grin)

You simply need to create a list for your favorite pages on Facebook.

(click thumbnails to view screenshots)

Facebook List Screenshot 1
Step 1

Go to our V7N Facebook page. Hold your cursor over the like button. If you have already previously clicked the like button, “Show in News Feed” will already have a check mark beside it.

Click “Add to Interest List”.

Facebook List Screenshot 2

Step 2

A new little box will open.

Click on “New List”.

It may take a moment or two.

Facebook List Screenshot 3

Step 3

You will see an image from the page with a checkmark by it. That means all is well so just click “Next” near the bottom of the box.

Facebook List Screenshot 4

Step 4

Type in a name for your list and choose a privacy level for it. Click the “Done” button. That’s it you’re done! Yes, really!

Wait. WUT?

What do you mean I am done? Where did it go?

Final Facebook List Screenshot

Final Step: Verify

Go to your news feed. Scroll down until you find it in the navigation area on the left.

Scroll over it with your cursor until the pencil appears on the left of it. Click on the pencil and then on “add To Favorites”. This moves it near the top of the navigation so you can find it quickly.

Can you see me now? 🙂

Quick! Before you forget. Go add the V7N page to a list!

Are you still here? Go NOW! (grin)

J. Cricket Walker

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