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"My attitude is MINE and you may NOT have control of it."

Take A Close Look Inside


“Don’t mix between my personality and my attitude because my personality is ME and my attitude depends on YOU.” – Author Unknown

You might as well grab a fresh cup of coffee because it looks like I may be working up to a mini-rant today. (grin)

I have been seeing this quote about attitude floating around the social networks lately and every time I see it, it drives me crazy. It’s like fingernails scraping down the entire chalkboard. (Do people still remember that sound?)

This belief can play an important role in destroying a small business and it can certainly play havoc with the concept of excellent service.

My attitude is MINE and you may NOT have control of it.

If you come to me screaming, cussing and stomping your feet about some perceived injustice and I respond with disrespect and anger, we both lose.

Yeah, it really is that simple.

The best management and service I have ever received was when I totally lost my cool with the cable company. (Yeah, I am not proud of that moment.) It certainly wasn’t the fault of the rep on the phone but I took it out on him. He could have allowed me to ruin his day. He could have taken on my attitude.

He chose not to.

I should have known what he was doing when he used a method on me that I used to teach (Zig Ziglar) but it didn’t seem to matter.

“I understand exactly how you feel. In fact, if I was going through what you are right now, I would feel the same way. What I have found though is the best thing we can do at this point is to immediately find a way to solve this for you.”

He took a cranky old lady and totally turned her around through his calm voice, kind words and extreme patience.

He also earned a fan for life.

This isn’t just a good way to look at business though, it’s a way of life.

We have heard it a thousand times before but maybe to it time to take a close look inside until we truly believe that people who least deserve our kindness, need it the most…

J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com

  1. Alison GrahamAlison Graham10-21-2012

    Rant? No. Truth, yes. Nicely stated, Cricket, and oh so true.

    • CricketCricket10-21-2012

      Inside my head it was a rant. (grin)

  2. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany10-21-2012

    Thank you for the reminder. I exploded last week over work that my webmaster was supposed to do ages ago and hadn’t and as a result I was losing sales and customers. I just couldn’t be polite. Fortunately he was.

  3. Carol WileyCarol Wiley10-21-2012

    That quote is so not true. We are always responsible for our own attitude.

  4. Stephen KingStephen King10-21-2012

    Quite well said, Cricket. And interestingly enough, this was a major topic in a show I watched last night. It was an episode of Restaurant Stakeout where they wire up a restaurant with hidden cameras and mikes and see what the staff is really doing when the manager isn’t watching. They turned one of the waitresses completely around after she blamed the customers for her attitude.

    • CricketCricket10-21-2012

      When we begin to accept responsibility for our attitude, a whole new world opens up to us. 🙂

  5. I agree with everyone else that what you said, was well said and I have to remember this and most of the time I do, except when it comes to my own family. My patience runs very thin, when it comes to my own family, but maybe, because I have to live with them, 24/7. I, usually, am in a much better mood, when I get a break and get to do something I enjoy. I use to greet at church and I would not allow my attitude/feelings to show when I was welcoming people to our church. This morning I was getting frustrated with my daughter, because she was watching TV and not doing school, when I thought she should do school. I was also getting frustrated, because I could not be doing what I wanted to do. I think this is called “control”. I, also, get frustrated with my husband, when he does things at the very last minute. Again, this is called my trying to control. Inside, I was getting angry, but I was not saying anything and that only hurts me. Sorry for the “rant”.

    • CricketCricket10-21-2012

      “God grant me the serenity
      to accept the things I cannot change;
      courage to change the things I can;
      and wisdom to know the difference.”

      • EzhelEzhel01-22-2013

        This one I like and I used to pray this every time I feel down…

  6. Joyce CampJoyce Camp10-21-2012

    I was a nurse for 13 years and would see the extreme worse of people in many bad situations and was always able to receive the worse from them but did my best to calm them and not let the situation get out of hand. Although there were times when police would have to be called because of the fights coming to the ER when patients were brought in of a death and family members would get into fights! So I was always a good peace maker!
    If it’s something that involves my family or other loves ones it’s a whole different thing..then I am far from being the peace maker in many situations!

  7. S. EmersonS. Emerson10-22-2012

    In my “other” life I use to get furious customers calling because a salesman (usually the boss) made a salesy promise and then didn’t tell anyone what he promised. This quite often happened on Friday afternoon after the crew had gone home for the weekend or the supplier’s shop was moments from shutting down for the weekend.

    I would calmly get the details, go off and try and troubleshoot then phone them back with the solution. Sometimes it wasn’t exactly what they wanted but they could tell I really did try to solve the problem for them.

    Once they got to know me they would just deal with me because they knew their request would be solved the best way possible.

  8. Scott ClarksonScott Clarkson10-24-2012

    This was a wonderfully written blog. It seems that everyday it is easy to get upset by the little things and you could easily find yourself having an outburst of anger. I think this is a great thing for anyone to read. If we realized that things could be solved better when we step back, take a breath, and approach the problem calmly, positively, and rationally, the world would be a better place.

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