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"Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." — Maya Angelou

Thank You V7N!

Thank You V7N!

As I begin to approach 40,000 posts and more than 9 years with the V7N Community, I can’t help but think about how lucky and very blessed I am to be a part of it all.

With every new member I see scared to death to ask their first question, I remember my early days here. I especially remember how I was drawn in by the members and moderators who never once made me feel stupid for asking questions they had likely already answered a hundred times. They patiently took me under their wings and walked me through the learning process one step at a time.

It is with that same manner of kindness and acceptance that I try to continue to run the V7N Community on a day to day basis – not just when our members need technical help with web development and marketing, but as a place of refuge for those days when they lack the confidence and faith that they really can build a successful online presence – when they really need someone to listen.

One day I hope to take it all a step further by embarking on an incredible journey across the country to meet many of you in person to sit down over a cup of coffee and just chat. We could call it the “Where in the World Is Cricket?” campaign. (grin)

More than anything though, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for being a part of my life and for allowing me to be a part of yours.

J. Cricket Walker

J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com

  1. DerekDerek10-19-2012

    I can’t imagine what V7N would be without you watching over it. I lurked at the forum years ago when you was just a member. Now look at you, v7n is still growing and still a good place to blow off steam, find out what’s happening in the world or in the online world.

    You really need to get some sleep. For many years, you online 24 hours a day. I thought you was a robot at first but you are a human and a nice one. I’m glad to be a moderator on v7n and still will not make coffee for Muddy.

    • CricketCricket10-19-2012

      I have been accused of being a bot many times. LOL! We really need to convince Muddy that his job is to keep us in coffee!! 🙂

  2. HaleyHaley10-19-2012

    The V7N really has changed our lives, huh?
    I think “Where in the World is Cricket” is an awesome idea! It would bring the community together even more, and free advertising is always a plus. 😉

    • CricketCricket10-19-2012

      V7N meetups would totally rock! Can you imagine some of us all together in one room? It would definitely be a boost to the community too. I am seriously thinking of ways I could accomplish this. I should start looking at camping equipment. LOL!

  3. S. EmersonS. Emerson10-19-2012

    It’s your fault I spend wayyyy too much time at V7N!

    Never was into forums but you dragged me kicking and screaming to V7N.

    So, thank you Cricket for exposing me to a group of new worldwide friends and to learn that forums can be a nice place to learn and share knowledge when the motto is “the friendliest webmaster community on the net”.

    • CricketCricket10-19-2012

      After watching your work for years, I knew the V7N needed you. Our friendship over the years has been such an incredible blessing in my life. THANK YOU!

  4. Jim GillumJim Gillum10-20-2012

    And you give so much to the V7N community…..
    Thank you…

  5. D. WilliamsonD. Williamson10-20-2012

    I’ve pretty much grown up form being a youngster to actually growing up on V7N, you were a Super Mod when I first saw you, and always so very fair. Your fairness and equal-treatment has been the reason that the forum has continued growing, and will continue to grow.

    Here’s to another 10 years and more of success to you Cricket, and to V7N.

  6. ScriptManScriptMan10-20-2012

    Might as well think big. Here’s looking forward to the golden (50k) post count.

    Only person I know who is so dedicated they take a laptop to the hospital when they are the one who is the patient.

  7. Jeff DownerJeff Downer10-20-2012

    Congratulations! 40,000 is a big number. I would like to thank you and community for having me feel so welcome.

    I’m here everyday and and never fail to learn something when I log in. I have have not found a better filter as to what’s happening on the internet.

  8. Derya SavasDerya Savas10-20-2012

    I want to thank you back, since I have found your forum, its been part of my online ‘things to do’ I have learned greatly, I have connected with down to earth people like myself. I guess its the energy of contributors that stands out at v7n.
    There are alot of forums online, most are filled with egotistic views of the webmasters (I know because I live online)
    These are my sincere wishes of thank you to you.

    You are always welcomed in our home here in Melbourne Australia, as you made your online home a warm place for me to visit. If you ever visit my country Australia, don’t forget to say G’day

  9. GiovanniGiovanni10-21-2012

    I was originally sent here to do Community Service and for some reason they bricked up the exit door and the only other door is a revolving one that leads you straight back into the forum 😐

    Lord knows I have tried to leave this place on numerous occassions but they always seem to find us and drag us back by our heels and if any of you have ever noticed the nail scrape marks on the floor leading through the entrance, they belong to most of the mods here!.

    • CricketCricket10-21-2012

      “Last thing I remember, I was
      Running for the door
      I had to find the passage back
      To the place I was before
      ‘relax,’ said the night man,
      We are programmed to receive.
      You can checkout any time you like,
      But you can never leave!”

  10. Joyce CampJoyce Camp10-21-2012

    Congrats on approaching the 40,000! Forums still confuse me but I do try to get over and read when I see you have posted about it on fb.
    You know you have been an inspiration and mentor to me for many years..early 2000’s.
    We have seen one another go through so many things over the years! The good and the bad…weaknesses and strengths!
    This year has been a whirlwind of new and better (and a little bad 2 weeks ago) for me and a large part of it you have had a hand in! For this I thank you with all my heart!
    As we continue to forge through the new and even better things to come it would be amazing to meet you in person and see the pin on the map for Connellsville PA! Oh and there are a lot of great areas to camp in here in the Laurel Mountains! You should consider a travel trailer though..jus sayin’ 😉
    Keep up the good work!

  11. ZapZap10-22-2012

    I’ve met Muddy and KJ already. I’ve met a few people from the online world already and have a seat saved for you. So, don’t be thinking that you have to stay within US borders on your journey! Don’t forget your neighbours to the North! 🙂

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