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These days, it really isn’t possible for a day to go by without multiple stories in the news about Google. Love them or hate them, it is pretty tough to ignore them if you are in a web related business, so you might as well grab a cup of coffee and see what they have been up to lately.

I am seeing a wide range of stories are are bound to have folks a bit up in arms.

Google said on Monday that it had acquired Nik Software, a company that makes tools for editing and sharing photos. It is Google’s latest defensive move against Facebook and part of its strategy to become a photo-sharing hub. Google seems most interested in Nik’s mobile and online tools and how they can improve Google Plus. Google declined to say whether or when it would discontinue any of Nik’s other products, like desktop software for professional photographers.” Bits NY Times

I can’t imagine that a lot of professional photographers are going to be excited about Google dipping their long arms into software they depend on for their creations. This might be a really good time to assure the user base that they are looking to maintain the same quality of software that Nik is known for.

While they are at it, with more than 30% of Windows users still using XP they might find a way to explain they might have an issue coming when they lose IE8 support. Sounds like a good way to force folks over to the Chrome Frame, huh Google?

“Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 10 web browser is set to arrive Oct. 26. Shortly thereafter, on Nov. 15, Google Apps will no longer support IE 8. The move will make Google one of the first major companies to drop support for Microsoft’s 3-year-old browser. Microsoft never released a version of IE 9 for Windows XP, so the only real upgrade path for those that want to stick with Windows XP (and continue using Google Apps) is either to install a different web browser or use Google Chrome Frame.” Web Monkey

This next Google tibit in the news actually deserves a few kudos.

Google has moved a step closer to making good on its promise to support “Do Not Track” in Chrome by the end of this year. Chromium, Google’s open-source project that feeds code into Chrome, released a build last week that includes the Do Not Track (DNT) privacy setting.” PC World

Not that they would ever be evil or anything, but this is a bit of news that surely has Google doing a little dance right now….

Microsoft Corp warned a newly discovered bug in its Internet Explorer web browser makes PCs vulnerable to attack by hackers and urged customers to download a piece of security software to mitigate the risk of infection. “For consumers it might be easier to simply click on Chrome,” said Dave Marcus, director of advanced research and threat intelligence with Intel Corp’s McAfee security division.” Chicago Tribune

Admit it, Google. You are loving that one! 🙂

J. Cricket Walker

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  1. Gloria YatesGloria Yates09-20-2012

    I think that since the days of Picasa Web Albums, Google has been trying to consolidate its non-search business. Aside search, video and images are the next big thing on the web. You wouldn’t believe it but FACEBOOK has been largely driven by its picture management features. People like to play with and show pictures so Google is trying to buy in small companies that do this business now before they become big corporations and more expensive to acquire.

  2. BogdanBogdan10-10-2012

    Myself uses the open source version of chrome, chromium since I’m a linux user, its by far better the IE.

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