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Do you have a daily routine when you first turn on the laptop or PC? You know when you first make that cup of coffee while the PC is booting up and then have that pen and paper handy to jot down today’s to do list? I do not work from home but have a routine each time I get online when at home. I’m not going to talk about my routine at work because it’s different almost everyday as it’s not a at home job and I have more than one boss to deal with. Although I do work on the same account 5 days a week for the past 6 years. I’m always looking for volunteer short term projects to jump on to break things up and learn something new.

Should you break up your routine once and awhile?

Everyday I’m like a broken record. Once that laptop is logged in, I open up my email and 2 internet browsers to get me started for a bit. I do have more open because I’m always reading blog posts or spying on my friends on Facebook. Sometimes it’s unhealthy to do the same thing over and over each day 5 to 7 days a week if you are one of the lucky folks who work from home. My typical weekend online schedule is different because I do more things that involve not being home. My dad recently 2 weeks ago hired me as his landscaper so I have a second job on the weekend. I need to do a good job because it would stink to get fired by your own dad.

Do you think it’s healthy to be predictable online?

I’m sure if you have kids, they know what you do online each day so they can try to plan to do bad things while they have a few minutes or hours of no momma or dadda over their shoulder. I’m trying to change-up my online routine when I get online each day. Maybe check my feeder after I get done with my emails or write a future blog post for later in the week. Right now, before I log off for the night, I would write a blog post. This sometimes isn’t good because I’m usually dead tired and the really good idea’s or words just isn’t there. Also the coffee is out and I can’t function without coffee.

Don’t be afraid to shakeup your daily routine’s schedule a few days a week. Don’t be predictable and it’s good to do things out-of-order once and awhile. Wouldn’t you get bored doing the same thing over and over everyday?

FYI, I just wrote this blog post before visiting the V7N Forum. Usually in a few more hours I would try to write a blog post. I’m not the greatest writer in the world but keep it real and raw.

Do you have a routine each morning/day? Do you break things up a little once and awhile to keep yourself on your toes? I do hope that you know that your kids might be onto your typical online schedule when they not in school. Catch them off guard one morning instead of turning on the laptop to check your email. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Derek (a.k.a snakeair)
Derek (a.k.a snakeair) runs Newbiz Advertising Blog. He spends most of his time updating his blog and helping people out on the v7n Webmaster Community.


  1. S EmersonS Emerson04-22-2012

    Yup, have a daily routine.

    Open up email and while that is loading check the forums I am a moderator on.

    Open up my RSS feed reader, go through the new posts/articles, tweet the interesting ones.

    This can easily turn into hours depending what needs moderating, reading tweets by my followers, retweeting and conversing. Or going to look for an answer for someone.

    They say for social networking it is good to have a routine based on when your followers are around. Some days at the ideal time the tweets are flying by so quickly it is really difficult to keep up!

    The quietest time I find to get things done is at night after everyone has gone to bed. Most productive time but not the greastest time to write a blog post then announce it on social networking sites though.

  2. DerekDerek04-22-2012

    Since i’m now back on second shift starting tomorow. My daily routine is going to chance for sure. When i get home from work, the forum is a little more quite and i will be able to either write a blog post or tweak some things.

    When i leave the state for vacation and don’t intend to logon everyday, it’s sometimes hard to break my daily routine but it’s vacation and that means relaxing and not working on internet stuff.

  3. Manish PandeyManish Pandey04-28-2012

    I follow a routine to check a few blogs, and v7n forums for latest updates and news. Other than that, I try to help the community which has given me so much. Lately, I’ve been very disappointed by the white hat vs. black hat discussions going around and try to think what is the use of it? If somebody is doing block hat let it be. Google will find it some day and penalize it, even if it doesn’t then who cares? If you have the guts then you too go and slip in the boots of black hatters. The only thing one should keep in mind is that only white things will remain white and help you in a long run.

  4. DerekDerek04-28-2012

    Thanks for the response. As a moderator on v7n, me and the rest of the crew tend to see the same questions asked over and over again. If i didn’t have my coffee with me, i’d lose my mind over questions that the answers can clearly be found by searching Google or the forum.

    Since i was gone this whole day and night, i’m so backed up on stuff to do on my blog. So much for a routine, i’m batting out of order.

  5. Jim SmithsonJim Smithson05-23-2012

    I have a daily routine, but it does not extend itself into the online time I have at home because what I use the Internet for varies from day to day, but I always make a cup of tea before sitting down in front of my computer and then throw on some nice music.

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