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Once your site is up and running, it takes all of about 5 minutes to discover that the “build it and they will come” theory is a fantasy. No matter how good your content is, you are going to have to spend some time focused on link building so that you can get your content in front of enough people to get the ball rolling.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to get some help with the more tedious time robbing parts of this process that drive you absolutely crazy?

Are you ready for this?

$740 SEO Package Giveaway

WL Marketing SEO Package Giveaway

Sponsored by

You are so going to love this, because one month from today, WL Marketing is going to give away a $740 Starter SEO Package to one lucky winner in a random drawing.

Starter SEO Package 

    • Keyword Research
    • 4000 Directory Submissions
    • 1200 Unique Social Bookmarking
    • 300 Article Marketing
    • 200 Press Release Submissions
    • DMOZ Submission
    • Squidoo Lens

How do you get chances in the drawing?

  1. Sign up for the WL Marketing newsletter and you will automatically receive one chance in the drawing for their $740 Starter SEO Package. Once you have completed this, reply to this blog post with the user name that you used to register for the newsletter.
  2. Go to the WL Marketing Facebook page and click “like” at the top of the page to automatically receive a second chance in the drawing! Say hi to me when you are there! For verification purposes, once you have done this, make sure to reply to this post with your FB user name for verification purposes.
  3. As a way of saying thank you to WL Marketing for offering this wonderful giveaway (you will also get another chance in the drawing) I would love if if you would go to and click the Google +1 button in the upper left hand corner of the page, right next to their logo. Let me know in the comments of this post that you did it. C’mon, just do it because you’re cool like that! :)

Final step to qualify for the drawing!

If you haven’t already done so, you need to reply to this blog post (in the comments) to let me know which of the actions above you completed for chances in the drawing.

Could this possibly be any easier?

We would be crazy not to join in on this giveaway!

UPDATE! The participant chosen by random drawing is: Lora Phillippi!

About The Sponsor

 WL Marketing provides a suite of web promotion SEO services by people who understand SEO. Since founding the company in 2007, over 600 professionals and newcomers have successfully used WL Marketing’s services to enhance their websites and have found it to be easy and reliable.

This team of professionals is led by Warren Wong (Cornell University Computer Science BS & Masters 2005), who operates and co-owns WMMedia, which runs hundreds of websites.


Disclaimer: This contest is sponsored by WL Marketing of 2514 South Blvd Houston, Texas 77098, 832-209-8671. of Escalate Media LP, cannot be held accountable for possible issues between contest winners and the sponsors.

  1. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany08-23-2011

    I signed up for the newsletter under Infiknit

  2. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany08-23-2011

    I couldn’t see where to say HI on FB. Here’s my user name.!/ctomany1

  3. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany08-23-2011

    OK I did the Google “thing” too.

  4. ToniToni08-23-2011

    I signed up as countingsheep, clicked like and google +1’d it! Thank you!

  5. Carol TomanyCarol Tomany08-23-2011

    Ok I did all 3 – FB, Google & Newsletter + comments

  6. 1. Signed up with the username txshellie
    2. Facebook name Shellie Gardner Robinson
    3. Cicked on Google +1 button on your website

    Have a great week! You have a great site :)

  7. Stephen KingStephen King08-23-2011

    So I found this awesome contest, for an awesome SEO package by an awesome company. “Awesome,” I said!

    I signed up for the newsletter, under skingcharter.
    I liked the page, as Stephen King (just not the one who writes the horror tales)
    I +1’d the web page publicly as Stephen King (again, not the horror guy)

    And now, I’ve posted to let you know I’ve posted to let you know I’ve done all the other awesome stuff.

    Cricket, you’re awesome!

  8. haydnhaydn08-23-2011

    I signed up as fxmm to the newsletter
    I Facebook liked as Forex Man
    and Google+ the home page
    thanks :)

  9. Jeff RJeff R08-23-2011

    Hey all,
    Signed up under traffexone, +1 and Liked on Facebok. May the best website win.
    Good Luck All!!


  10. Jeff RJeff R08-23-2011

    Forgot to add Facebook link for our Like:

    Thanks Cricket for setting this up!


  11. I have completed all your request, did I win yet! lol

  12. Joyce ReidJoyce Reid08-23-2011

    Did the newsletter as creativegifts; facebook as Joyce Reid; and clicked the 1+ button.

    Great giveaway!

  13. Elaine ShannonElaine Shannon08-23-2011

    I’ve done all 3:

    1 – signed up for the newsletter as “redscooter”
    2 – liked the FB page as “Elaine B. Shannon”
    3 – +1’d the page as “Elaine Shannon”

    Thanks, V7N, for finding another awesome sponsor! I love the community, enjoy the contests, and am excited at the thought that I might be able to give this awesome prize to my mother-in-law for her new business.

  14. Lora PhillippiLora Phillippi08-23-2011

    Okay, I registed on their site with username shadowlightgirl

  15. Lora PhillippiLora Phillippi08-23-2011

    Also clicked Google +1

  16. Lora PhillippiLora Phillippi08-23-2011

    And last but not least I’ve liked them on Facebook as lora.phillippi.

  17. Pranav7DesignerPranav7Designer08-23-2011

    AH! Completed All

    1 – Sign up for the WL Marketing newsletter as “Pranav7Designer”
    2 – liked the FB page as “Pranav Sinha”
    3 – +1?d the page as “Vortex Media”

    ah! I got to be crazy to join you in on this giveaway.

  18. Volledig Al AzarVolledig Al Azar08-24-2011

    2 completed.
    I don’t have a facebook account so I cannot “like”. Sorry.

  19. Sue DarbySue Darby08-24-2011

    1. Liked on FB & shared
    2. +1’d and shared on G+
    3. Newsletter sign up complete!

  20. dbwebhostingdbwebhosting08-24-2011

    Just signed up to it

  21. Kelley DenzKelley Denz08-24-2011

    I signed up for the newsletter, username KelleyDenz

    Liked them on Facebook and hit the +1 on their page.

  22. Mullins FarmsMullins Farms08-24-2011
    signed up under ravetildon
    Plus oned this post and that site.

  23. pension lump sumpension lump sum08-25-2011

    I also subscribe, Hopefully get the benefits.

  24. PocakkaPocakka08-25-2011

    Hello! I signed up with the username pocakka
    2. Facebook name Attila Rácz-Akácosi
    3. Cicked on Google +1 button.

  25. SnerdeySnerdey08-25-2011

    Registered as Snerdey and clicked the FB Like and Google +1

    I could use some Google +1 love too ;)

  26. Bob BarrettBob Barrett08-25-2011

    Registered as BobsBlahg – Registered, Google+1 and FB Like (all three) :c)

  27. DerekDerek08-26-2011

    Cricket i just signed up and +1 the page, facebook liked the page and going to tweet this blog post to my followers.

  28. LaurenLauren08-26-2011

    Step 1 of the SEO Package Giveaway completed as I give this user name: Lauren at LucasWorks Now on to step 2.

  29. LaurenLauren08-26-2011

    Replying to this post after step 2; Facebook User name: Lauren Larsen Padgett

  30. GayanGayan08-26-2011

    Done all 3: signed up as Gayan, LIKE-ed, +1-ed :) Shared on my FB page, will tweet too.

  31. JasenJasen08-28-2011

    Thanks so much for offering this awesome deal!

    I just did all three, signed up as chlwotjd678, facebook liked and +1 on google. :)

  32. Amy SueAmy Sue08-31-2011

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    I signed up as amysuen, Liked under my own name, and +1 with amysue@zany-zebra.


  33. dericderic09-02-2011

    Quick question, when is the drawing? I’ll be really ashamed if someone already asked that and I missed the answer. Anyway, are there any other terms as well?
    Super Curious.

    Thank You.

  34. CricketCricket09-03-2011

    September 23rd is the drawing date!

  35. SteveSteve09-03-2011

    Thanks for the opportunity strujillo!

  36. Karen BainKaren Bain09-04-2011

    I did it all. Wish me luck. KB

  37. Jacob MatsonJacob Matson09-04-2011

    I did all 3.

    1. User name=bocaj
    2. fb = Jacob Matson
    3. I did the +1 as Jacob Matson

  38. I just signed up for the newsletter as trafficwizard.

  39. epromotorsepromotors09-06-2011

    I have subscribe the newsletter using USER NAME:- tattavit

    I also Liked Facebook Page and post review:- and Message on Wall:-

    And Here is Google +1 Like Link

    i am hoping to get this giveaway from wlmarketing…

  40. Alan TayAlan Tay09-06-2011

    Signup as ‘alanthl’ in the news letter

    Liked the facebook with the facebook name ‘Alan Tay’

    Google+ the site with the name ‘Alan Tay’ as well

    Thanks for the give away.

  41. ChanceingaChanceinga09-07-2011


    Followed the instructions to a “t”…. :-)

    You are such a great promoter!

  42. NarutoNaruto09-08-2011

    This is worth to try.
    I signed up already hoping to get lucky.

  43. BrandonBrandon09-22-2011

    I just signed up with this username, Brandon.

  44. unlimbandunlimband09-22-2011

    I signed up for the newsletter under newentry

  45. Jacob MatsonJacob Matson09-23-2011

    So when will the winner be announced? :)

    • CricketCricket09-23-2011

      I should have this answer for you in the next couple of days. :)

  46. DavidDavid09-23-2011

    1. Newsletter = RhythmaticSoul
    2. Facebook = David Guzman
    3. Google = David Guzman,

  47. CricketCricket09-27-2011

    The participant chosen by random drawing is: Lora Phillippi!

  48. Lora PhillippiLora Phillippi09-28-2011

    Thank you so much Cricket!!! I just saw this as I was about to go to bed! I need this so badly right now so you have no idea how grateful I am for the chance you gave me to enter and win this fantastic giveaway. THANK YOU!!

  49. lace wigslace wigs10-11-2011

    Google & Newsletter + comments

  50. seoseo11-18-2011

    Your Starter SEO Package much better then any seo company man great job :) awesome
    keep it up .your company name know all the Internet user V7n :)

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