Why Are We So Tired?



For the last few weeks I have been watching and truly LISTENING to people. I’ve noticed something that I initially blamed on the heat wave. I was wrong.

People are tired, and I don’t just mean physically.

I see moms in the park watching their children play, but they look like they would rather be anywhere but there. They look physically and emotionally exhausted. Has time with our children become an obligation instead of a joy?

What is happening here?

Listening to people who make their living on the web, I am hearing a tone of weariness overpowering the passion for their work.

The cashier at the grocery seems utterly exhausted as if she isn’t sure she can handle one more day of it all, let alone offering a smile.

What have we done?

Why are we so tired that it takes gallons of soda & coffee to make it through the day?

Have we allowed life to get too complicated?

Has life become unbalanced?

What do you do to rejuvenate yourself and your attitude?

J. Cricket Walker of CricketWalker.com

  1. SnerdeySnerdey07-26-2011

    Could it actually be part of the marketing towards our energy levels. Advertisers telling us we’re tired thus many participate in drinking those liquids that give you hours of energy. Not my thing as I’d rather figure out what’s wrong with me and correct that.

    Yea, seams also the economy is indeed making more tired. Most likely cause they are so tired of working so much, paying their dues only to see other’s take fancy vacations and spend millions using blank checks sorta speak.. that alone would make anyone tired. Heck, most of us would wind up in jail if we treated our checkbooks like that!

    Now I’m tired.. stupid blog comment took the last of my energy today. Guess it’s time for another pot of coffee 😉

  2. Hilary BaumannHilary Baumann07-26-2011

    We sit in front of the computer all day, we eat junk that isn’t good fuel for our bodies, we spend time consuming more information than past generations, and most people operate in an “always on” mode with cell phones, text messaging and social networks.

    Exercise, while it seems counterintuitive in a way, can actually help give you more energy. Eating healthier foods, organic or even simply more vegetables (not just potato chips!) and taking a break from our always on mode can help. We just have to make a point of doing these things.

    Doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, single or a teen, most people are overdoing it and not doing things they take joy in. It’s like we’re in a competition to see who is the most exhausted and overworked. I realized it years ago and try not to play that game though I still need to make it to the gym more often!

    I can’t find the exact Zig Ziglar quote but it’s something like: “motivation doesn’t last, Bathing doesn’t either. That’s why I recommend inspiration daily!” Again, NOT an exact quote but you get the point.

    • MadisonMadison07-27-2011

      Couldn’t agree more! Food is supposed to be fuel, which is why it is so important to watch what you eat. Make sure foods are fresh, chemical free, and raw if you can. Those foods (such as fresh fruits, raw vegetables, almonds, etc..) are loaded with ENERGY to keep you going during your day. I see many people in my office who don’t eat breakfast…some don’t eat all day. I start out my day with oatmeal & fruit, and I eat something every couple of hours. I also chug water throughout the day. While I love to start out with a cup of coffee, staying completely hydrated also helps to keep you awake and active.

      That’s just part of it. There are other stresses, which we’re all aware of. Most people are “in over their heads.” People spend more than they make so they feel as if they have to work extra to make up for that stress/debt. That’s exhausting. It’s exhausting to work multiple hours (beyond 40-50/wk); it’s exhausting to worry. People are tired because they’re in over their heads. People make bad decisions which leads them to worry/work too much….which leads to exhaustion.

      Then there’s always the computer/phone/etc… we make ourselves available 24/7. It’s exhausting. Take a break, go to the gym, turn off your phone at night (or at least on mute!)

  3. Sue DarbySue Darby07-26-2011

    Life is terribly unbalanced from the perpetual motion we are in. Everything from the daily commute to work tasks to time with kids has become overwhelming and by the time you get done trying to accomplish all that is on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly To Do list it’s beyond overwhelming!
    We or at least *I* feel like I’m working harder, making not enough to do everything and don’t see real results from it all. In my adult life I have never taken an actual vacation… time off usually an extended weekend but those are spent at home working on the house or doing local things. Taking a full out go to Disneyland or Hawaii or heck just Fairbanks or Denali type vacation is something I have never had the luxury to do as I don’t have the funds to devote to it. I save but it usually ends up used for a roof repair, car repair, house repair, doctor bill or some other emergency that I’m thankful I have the savings for.
    Yes, there are days (like today) where I take in more coffee just to keep moving but more often lately I’ve also been taking hikes or walks with family & friends and feeling better for it.
    Life needs a serious re-balance for a lot of us and all we can do is recognize the issue, plan what to do about it and work towards the goal.

  4. M.-J. TaylorM.-J. Taylor07-26-2011

    I think the world – my world – has become overwhelming. I can’t blog, tweet, walk, talk eat, or dance fast enough to keep up with all the things I’ve taken on. And the opportunities — and obligations — keep coming! Every day my mind is filled with the stories and articles I want to write and the things I should do. Yes, I have to be careful not to should all over myself. This the future that Alvin Tofler was talking about in his 1970’s bestseller, Future Shock. We’re not tired, we’re in shock!

  5. Evie MaddoxEvie Maddox07-26-2011

    I think the biggest cause is diet. We eat like crap. Then, we don’t drink enough water. Or get enough exercise. A lot of us are single parent households taking care of the kids, business, house, and if we don’t have the kids we are working harder to support our kids in one household and also our own household. There are also environmental factors like heavy metals and electromagnetic fields. BTW, if you are sitting at a laptop plugged in, only use it while unplugged. 🙂

  6. DanLopez2012DanLopez201207-26-2011

    You cover varying levels of tired. I don’t think there is a single answer to cover them all if thats what you’re looking for.

    For sure, there seems no end to the subjects of tiresome weary travellers on this journey of ours.
    And yet, now and again, Thank the heavens, we do run into those who embrace both the tire and the joy of life. It is a balance, life is tough, lets get over it and move on. Cut the instant gratification crap and live within our means… Keep balanced time for sleep, eat and merriment. And when you find others who lift you, comfort you, and are just more than fair-weather friends.. by god nurture those relationships, because in the end…
    It’s really just you who has to live your life, but you don’t have to do it alone.

  7. Lise McLeodLise McLeod07-26-2011

    I think were not tired per say but overloaded and 90% of people handled this by drinking coffee and energy drinks. Diet is everything..you are what you eat and drink. Most people eat meat and starch 2 or 3 times of day (very acidic) and that tends to slow us down so we need caffeine or sugar drinks to bring us to speed. We are drugging ourselves with legal substances…sound familiar? We, humans, have poor control of our urges and this predisposition tends to lead us to excess and abuse. If one eat more vegetables, the energy goes up considerably. In the seventies, hippies use to call white sugar “white death” I used to laugh but they were right. The next abuse and worst ever drink is coffee, and it will be the next “black death”…mark my words! We use to smoke occasionally and then it was up to 2 or 3 packs a day…(our lungs did not like that) we had coffee in the morning now it all day long( our guts wont like that either) we use to eat meat twice a week now it’s 3 times a day, 7 days of week (our heart can’t take it and our whole body can’t handle it) Moderation and eat more vegetables are 2 good steps in gaining good energy.

  8. LaurenLauren07-26-2011

    I think many are exhausted by the stress and uncertainty of life these days. Worries over employment, the economy, the price of gas and groceries are added to the ‘normal’ job and family worries. Added to that: families aren’t as close as they were even 30 years ago, drive-in garages mean that some folks don’t see their neighbors that often, and the A/C helps keep us all in our little cocoons. Maybe the lack of personal interactions IN PERSON plays a role, too.

  9. Amy SueAmy Sue07-26-2011

    I’m in M-J’s camp. As much as I love technology I sometimes yearn for the days when I thought a portable CD player was cutting edge technology; before I got my first laptop, my first email, my first toe dipped into the internet. No matter what time-saving apps, or computer-speeding-up programs I try I still have much less time than before my foray into the world wide web. Each site leads to another resource – or two or three – to be explored; another bookmark – or two or three – to follow up on. It never ends. Add to that society’s message that you can have it all and do it all if you just buy this doo-dad, try this system, drink this, eat that, etc.

    Whew, I’m tired just thinking about it!

  10. DerekDerek07-26-2011

    This may surprise you but each day at work i am motivated to get a lot done and help out my fellow co-workers if they need it. 11 years at the same job and still i put 110% into the job each day. I will admit that i do have those days when something at work get’s under my skin and put’s me in a bad mood the whole day. I tend to slow down on production because of this. I still don’t know why i slow down because i’m having a bad day at work. At the end of the day we have to get the work done or our clients will have to wait an extra day for there work to arrive.

    Eh, for my online stuff that i do, there are days when i say :”@$%! it” but i still do it anyways. I love doing w hat i do online and wish i could work from home. I know if i was working from home, i ‘d pick up another hobby to keep myself from going insane being in the apartment 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I know for me, i would need to do something to clear my mind of the stuff i do online or i will get in a lazy funk. I don’t know why but i love working and love doing what i do online. Ya just need to get a good hobby or another one that get’s you far away from a laptop/computer. Also don’t even bring your cell phone. People work from home for a few reason’s and the number 1 reason is to be home and be there for your family. Most kids grow up seeing less of there parents because there parents are working so many hours. The economy sucks right now and some folks work 2 jobs to provide for there family. They may hate working 2 jobs but they want to provide for there family and not let them grow up struggling.

  11. WeaverWeaver07-28-2011

    Same here, I see tired people all around. I look in the mirror and see a tired guy.

  12. ShellieShellie07-29-2011

    I think that some of our tiredness is purely psychological. I think that it’s passe’ to be patriotic but better to be blase’ about everything. The press is full of all that is bad with the world and none of the good. I have run into good folks all over the place but they don’t exactly make the news. The world has become so politically correct that behavior that would never be tolerated 70 years ago is now commonplace. If I don’t put my foot to the floor as the light turns green, I get honked at. I can’t take the boys to Walmart because of language. It just sucks the life right out of a person. I want the days back of women in dresses and gloves and men in hats…. I guess since they didn’t have laptops, ipods, etc etc… I’m just wishing for a simpler time all around . Now, I need a nap.

  13. CricketCricket08-01-2011

    All of your responses have literally blown me away. Each of them would make perfect topics for new blog posts teaching us ways to overcome it all….

  14. DailySoft4UDailySoft4U08-24-2011

    I have too many things to worry about: rent, meals, payment for services. Gosh

  15. UnlimbandUnlimband09-22-2011

    Great post! For me I know exactly why – I run on 4 hours of sleep since years..

    Thanks for the reminder. I should really do something against it.

  16. I have too many things to worry about: rent, meals, payment for services.

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